SCART cables: versus

Anyone here have experience with comparisons between these two?

I have a RGC SCART cable for my SNES and it’s wonderful, but the price isn’t so wonderful. Have you guys ever bought from consolegoods? How are their cables?

Can’t say I’ve ever heard of them. I think the two sellers that are generally agreed upon to have proven to be high quality are, and Retro Access (aka retro_console_accessories on eBay). I’ve used both of them and have had nothing but amazing cables.

Personally, I’d only buy from these two people unless I heard lots of good things from people I trust about another site. Paying top dollar for cables sometimes sucks, but I’d rather just bite the bullet and get something I know will be right the first time, instead of trying to cut corners and ended up with a faulty or substandard product, then having to pay for the good stuff anyway.


Looking at consolegoods cables, they don’t look good. Super thin means they lack shielding, and you could get interferences coming from outside the cable or even within the cable. Interferences look like faint colour noise on black backgrounds, and variable audio buzz.

Looking at the site, it’s mainly a reseller of cheap chinese stuff. Unless you have an urgent need for something, you can get everything directly from China on ebay for cheaper if you’re willing to wait a month for shipping.

Thanks for your input guys. I’ll stay away.

I’ll echo this as well. Have had good experiences buying from both of the places Btails mentioned.