Where to get custom cables

Hey all,

I’ve been out of the game for a while but am currently getting a retro game closet set up and somehow during the period of almost a year and some change, I’ve lost my SCART to BNC cable.

retro gaming accessories from ebay is now doing orders from retro-access.com, right? Seems like I’d have to order a custom cable through them to get what I need.

Is that still a reliable place to do business or are there similar alternatives?

Retroaccess is still a good place to go. They had been delayed a bit last week or so due to some stuff (check twitter), not sure of current status.


I have been using the cable linked above for a couple years and haven’t had any issues. Same guy working with Mike Chi on the rad2x cables. 15% off this month too.

Interview with Bob from RetroRGB from a couple years ago:

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First I’ve heard of these!!!

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I’ve gotten a ton of great stuff from retro retrogamingcables.co.uk. You have to wait a while for shipping but you don’t have to wait for restocks usually. You can’t go wrong with either place though. Retro access has done tons of great work for me too.

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The RAD2x is essentially a console-specific RetroTINK2x that line doubles 240p/480i to 480p HDMI. It uses the RGB signal and if there’s no RGB then it automatically uses composite video instead. It’s for people that want a cheaper RetroTINK2x alternative that only want to use one console.


I ended up going with Wookiewin or whatever the person’s name is on ebay for what I needed, but thanks for all the suggestions. I’d like to get a new cable for my SNES mini, as I’ve noticed some weird artifacts when playing on my PVM. Not sure if it would be the mod on the system itself or the cable, but I’ll start with the cable.