Game Box Protectors Thread


Yeah prices add up if you have a big collection.


I don’t feel like I have a big collection but I have noticed boxes (thinking ps2, xbox, gc, wii, psp, etc) starting to wear from slow rubbing together while I move around the containers I keep them in. I’ve been meaning to address that for a while so I’m not complaining; just a more mater of fact statement.

Gotta wrap em up!


Slowly getting them wrapped up, much more to go. Overall I’m impressed by the packaging and containers.


Wow that is quite some haul lol!


Yeah, probably should have taken some small bites before buying for 90%+ of my whole collection. Oh well, I have been thinking of doing this for a while so this thread gave me the final push to get it done! Oh, forgot to mention these are from (linked in the OP as well).


Thanks for the link. Those are really reasonably priced tbh. I wish the SNES ones were a better fit for the Super Famicom carts since I’m loaded with those now. I am definitely going to order because it’ll make it possible to label everything on the top and make things easier to find on the shelf!


Damn, well done. I need to bite the bullet and buy the $25 one for my NES deluxe box. I haven’t thought about doing cases like PS2/3/4. I guess they can get some wear, too.