Expensive but unique console storage option. Camera cases with foam.

Looks like an expensive rabbit hole lol.

Just googling/amazon searching “foam cases” will get a ton of options where you just need to cut out your shape from the foam. Looks nice and the idea of something fitting perfectly is super appealing to my ocd but there is also a ton of wasted space in it. For maximum protection if you move a lot and can’t keep your luggage with you the protection may be worth it though.

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Carby + HDMI too, nice.

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My friend has a similar style suitcase with a metal shell for his n64. It was better than any luggage I’ve ever owned lol.

I’d like this for my Virtual Boy, opened the box to set it up this week and a spider had carved webs around the controller.

Funnily enough I just realised my N64 is in a similar suitcase, no foam though. And it doesn’t get much love either due to PAL 50hz ruining the party these days :frowning:

Just bought one of these for my Wii travel setup, after some advice from a few here. Seems like a great choice.

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