Games that were 60 FPS on Xbox 360 and 30 FPS on ps3

Well known is that the Xbox 360 was generally superior to its Sony rival for multiplatform games. Somewhat less well known is that some developers struggled so much early on that some games were 60 FPS on the Xbox 360 and 30 FPS-locked on the Playstation 3. Digital Foundry reported the difference back when they did grabbag “face off” articles for Eurogamer but they didn’t cover every games, and I don’t think there’s any catch-all list on the internet, so wynaut make one?

Having acquired a 360 last summer, I was curious to see which console-exclusive games were better enough on the system to be worth rebuying. These are the ones I’m aware of. Do you know of any others?


Call of Duty 3

Iron Man

Digital Foundry:

Not much can be added to Dan Whitehead’s review for this, except to say that Iron Man is the new nadir in superhero tie-in movies - a game so teeth-achingly awful that even the digital kick-in-the-groin that is Fantastic Four: Rise of the Silver Surfer feels almost competent in comparison. Iron Man’s one-note gameplay and truly horrific control system are the stuff of gaming nightmares, but at least it has the distinction of actually running its 720p graphics at 60 frames-per-second.

Well, it does on Xbox 360 anyway. Most of the time. […]

So there we go then. In terms of graphics, gameplay, and everything else important, both PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360 are essentially like-for-like. Indeed, the only difference is that fragile support for 60fps gameplay. It’s there on 360, but the developers haven’t bothered with that on the PS3 version of the game, locking it down to 30fps instead. On the initial Afghan stage where proto-Iron Man is running amok with his flamethrower, there’s far less in the way of slowdown on PS3, but later on in the game it’s every bit as annoying as it is on the Microsoft console - and just like the 360 code, it’s brought its old chum Mr Screen-Tear along for the ride too.

Armored Core For Answer

Also worth noting the PS3 version has a bug that makes the game run at like 1 FPS every time an Arms Fort is on screen when played on the latest Regulation (1.40). Can’t find any video of this glitch however.

Old sport games

I don’t think anybody’s gonna got back to those games these days, but according to Digital Foundry, both Madden 08 and NFL 08 are like this. Good to know?


Lost Planet reach 60fps in some points on 360, but 30 or less on PS3.

If you’re willing to add 30FPS on X360 and less than 15 on PS3, I remember Enchanted Arms as well. Better graphics as well.

The 360 was mostly better than the PS3 just like how the Xbox One X is over the PS4 Pro. Sometimes it’s nice to have the best experience even if everyone I know here in Japan has Sony consoles. Sucks to be them on multi platform titles.


That reminds me of EX Troopers - that also had a higher framerate on the 3DS of all systems.

Granted while 3DS was the lead format I was pretty disappointed with the framerate on PS3.

This is good info to know. For me it’s good to know what to avoid on the ps3.