Gaming on a medical RGB LCD monitor?

I’ve come to notice that many medical-use LCD monitors have RGB, composite, component, and s-video inputs. I know that historically 240p gaming sucks on LCD displays but I’m wondering if a medical use LCD would be different. My logic is as follows:

  • Medical monitors should have high color accuracy and low input lag
  • They should not stretch or distort images
  • They need to be backwards-compatible with older input devices

Here are a few examples of models which have RGB inputs:

VTS 20-D0005

Has anybody experimented with this? What are the possible cons?

It wouldn’t be better, or worse, than a quality computer LCD.

Professional monitors are calibrated for a specific use, with a specific hardware companion. There is no evidence that it would have the same characteristic (rendering fidelity) with another hardware.

As for the cons, they’re the same as any LCD really. Anything that isn’t at its native res is scaled, it has a processing delay for the scaling process, square pixels means some analogue images will have their aspect ratio distorted, etc.

Don’t go for it just because it has native RGB. Modern European TVs still have a Scart input, but I wouldn’t recommend them to anyone.

If you’re looking for a mean to display RGB but Scart wasn’t a standard on your continent, I would suggest you to look at solutions that involve Component. Properly encoded, it has the exact same quality as RGB, meaning an SD CRT TV with Component inputs will have the same display quality as a European TV. And it’s a damn good quality.

Thanks for your response. I’m already playing my games on a consumer CRT via a SCART to component converter and I love the quality. I was just curious if any benefit could be derived from a medical use LCD but I’m sure you’re right about the fixed aspect ratio being an issue. I’m sure the upscaling hardware in them still isn’t on par with an OSSC.

It depends on the panel. See for details of any panel.

I’ve read that that the BVM Sony LCDs are not as great as your expect. I’d like to try one myself but it’s way down the list.

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