Good aftermarket power cables to get rid of Genesis headphone humming?

What is that site with good aftermarket power adapters? I saw that they make good shielded ones for Genesis, Famicom, NES, SNES, etc.

My model 1 Genesis headphone port is producing some serious audio “hum” that wasn’t there before and I think it’s due to the cheap 2-in-1 AC unit that I’m using (that common universal one you find for cheap on ebay).

Hopefully, replacing that cheap-o thing will take care of the issue.

I bought the Trio some time ago. But I have the Megadrive 2 so I can’t say anything about any headphone noise. When I bought it it came with a US prong and an adapter that didn’t fit. In retrospect I would have gone with the All-in-One, which is also cheaper.


I also have used both of those sites for various power supplies and been happy with what I’ve gotten, but can’t say on headphone noise one way or the other.

I use the Duo from Retro Game cave for my Genesis/Sega CD (why would anyone want the Trio, amirite?), and use power supplies from retrogamesupply for both my NES and AV Famicom. Both my Genesis and my NES had trouble with other third party power supplies (but worked “fine” with official ones) but show no problems with the ones from those sites. They were visual issues though and not audio, so again, can’t say for certain they will fix that problem for you.

Yea, I’m not sure either, considering the problem only developed recently, but it’s worth a shot. Otherwise, it probably just needs a re-cap.

I don’t think it is a Power Supply issue as I recall noise being there at higher volumes from back when I was a kid recording game BGM from the sound test menus onto audio cassette tapes.

More likely some form of a grounding issue though with the age of the console now it could possibly be capacitors as well as aging power supplies causing it to be a more pronounced issue.

It’s definitely something I want to look at on my own Megadrive that I’m using an official PSU with. I’m probably picking up some extra noise from the rear stereo jack modification I made when my soldering and electronics knowledge were not even at a basic level so going to redo my old mods and recap mine sometime soon.


I may come to you for advice if the new ac adapter doesn’t do the trick.