The History of the Trinitron.

Kind of interesting. Probably rehashed information for this lot but still neat.


This was mostly new to me when I saw it earlier this week on the discord. It’s a great video.

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I need to go back on the discord then. It was hard to follow and get work done.

I just picked up a RGB-modded 27" Trinitron today! Great timing.

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Where are you at? I’ve only heard of people in New York doing that mod.

@Kawika I’m in Ontario, Canada. (Toronto, but the modder was located closer to London.)

I traded him an SNES Classic Mini for it! He had two, and does this as his hobby/side hustle. Early impressions are very impressive for far! I’ll post some pics tomorrow.


Great video.

@KC-Slater I guess here in the UK we were lucky to have RGB SCART on our TVs, Trinitron or otherwise.

I’d love to see it.

Didn’t realize New Yorkers were doing that mod. Good to know.

Some quick photos (please excuse my iPhone camera.) All from my Saturn to my SCART switch, then to my TV. It looks superb in person – especially at that size. I need a better SCART cable to connect my Switch to my TV before I can properly use my Supergun and arcade boards with it. (I am just using a cheap one I grabbed off of Amazon for now.) I am very happy with it for the price!

@Socksfelloff it’s a KV-27FS100. I need to adjust the brightness/contrast a bit, but the geometry is REALLY good!

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Bob from RetroRGB had iFixRetro in Brooklyn mod his TV for a SCART connection. Unfortunately the focus is really bad in the video.

Such is life.

Holy shit you did it!

Saying an fs12 looks anything close to a “$1000 BVM” is absolute horse shit!

Cool! Hope it serves you well! Pictures look great!