Looking for: multiformat rgb monitor near VA

Bit of a longshot but I’m looking for a multisync monitor relatively locally in or near VA. Hoping to find a 19+ inch model, nothing larger then the 29" ones, so PVM-20L5, BVM-D20, Ikegami-HTM, any of the Nec XM or Mitsubishi Megaviews, etc. I would consider one of the 17in /19in JVC dt-v / Panasonic as well.

I’ve got some nice trades, rare snes games (hagane, evo etc) and nes games, as well as monitors (14L5, 20f1u etc) to offer, or cash if preferred. Also I might be interested in a larger RGB monitor that isn’t multisync - 2950q, 2530, kv-25xbr etc.

I think all of us are aware of the challenge of finding a mutlisync CRT these days.

Good luck with the hunt. I hope you get one.

Thanks I appreciate it! If only I had spent a bit more when I got my 14L5 - hindsight :wink: The allure of the all-in-one monitor continues though haha.

How many hours does that BVM have on it?

And yeah, as a VA native I can also relate. Shit got too known here too fast and people got all the good monitors. Now if you want anything good you gotta pay a shitton.

It’s around 29,000 hours, a nice one :smiley: Yeah I found a guy with 2950s and he wants 1000+. Insane, not even a multiformat.

Just another thing that I wish I didn’t drag my feet on and got in fast and hard with. I did pick up a couple when they were just rising, but still paid a bit for them, and none are that low of hours. Do have a couple of D20f1U units though with 88k hours on them. What area of VA are you in?

Yeah I wish I’d spent an extra 150 and gotten a 20L5 instead of my 14L5 hah. They weren’t so crazy expensive a year ago! Oh nice! I’m in Central VA outside of Charlottesville.

I’m not too far from the VA border and I’m selling this if you’re interested:


Heya - at the moment I’m really only after a 19" or larger multiformat. I’ve got two 20" RGB monitors already, just trying to find one that can do 480p for gamecube / wii as well as 240p - the elusive all in one haha. I appreciate the offer though! :smiley:

OK, no worries. Guess I didn’t understand what you meant by multi-format.