I have random old crts

Idk if this is best place to put this post. Anyway, I have ranging decades, maybe 5-7 old TV ranging from maybe 10 inch to 32. I have about 4-5 old monitors. Some of these are working perfect, about 3 are not work for variety of causes, one working but not perfect. I could just put them to the curb, but I thought I’d see if anyone wanted to take any of them.

But I can’t pay for shipping, idk if anyone pays to have these shipped to them. I can eventually box them for free though, except for the 32, which I sorta doubt anyone would pay shipping for anyway, idk. I have one in original box but that is non-working (very dim) 19 shadow mask monitor. I’m in Orlando, FL. Please pass word around if that’s appropriate and message me here. If there is some interest etc, I would start photographing them. I may check back in a few weeks too. thanks !

Anything specific about them? What are the brands /models, what input do they take?

Thanks, well, that’s a lot of detail I haven’t collected. They are all different. The idea was to first try to see if there’s a chance anyone would have any such things shipped. But yeah the thing to do is to take a photo of the front, and the inputs/model, of each, and post them here. That’s a chore itself as they are in storage in a couple of locations. But maybe over the next week I will try to get some pictures taken.

jan1, 2021. I’m reviving this thread. I’ve only tossed the giant 32 inch TV, the others remain. I decided to just start with this one for now. I have a 19" CRT shadow mask monitor, in original box for shipping. It had been my primary monitor up until about 2016 I think is when it finally stopped powering on. This is the best one I have, but some of my others are operational whereas this one isn’t. The image color had recently gone a bit yellow. I think it had some lines at the top I can’t remember exactly how bad. Then it just stopped coming on. Cosmetically it’s like new. I suppose someone with the knowledge and access to parts could get it going. It is a NEC Multisync FE991sb. Black version. I think it uses DVI interfaces. You can probably look up info on it from the model. If anyone knows anyone that wants it, they need to be willing to pay shipping, or pick it up in Orlando. I won’t be tossing it terribly soon, but if I can find no takers I’ll eventually set it to the curb.