Happy 3rd Cake-Day RGB!

You’ll see a lot of cakes today, not because we all have the same birthday, but because a huge chunk of us first signed up to RGB on this day 3 years ago.

I just want to thank each and every one of you for being cool and making this community a friendly, relaxing, and chill place to talk retro games.

Some of our original team have moved on with life and other commitments but I wanna give a big shout out to @Peltz for getting the ball rolling 3 years ago and our other mods @D.Lo and @Sapiens for your dedication.

Stay cool,


Thanks everyone for continuing to make this place one of my favorites on the internet. The world has changed so dramatically since we started this site. But the fact that Retro Game Boards is always here to provide a shared positive enthusiasm for our hobby means that I always have a place to go to make me smile. You guys, the users, make this place special.

I am deeply, truly thankful and humbled by the donations and participation from the users here. And thank you to the other mods for all that you do. @Peagles, @D.Lo, and @Sapiens, I really appreciate your dedication and help on every aspect of the site.

You all have gotten me through some hard times without even realizing it. And this place continues to be one that I am incredibly proud to be a part of. Here’s to, hopefully, another great year of celebrating video games, and enjoying the retro scene.



This place is a sanctuary.

Thanks to all involved :heart:


RGB is the only online community I have been active with for a long time now.
Thanks for having me.


classic/retro game forums are closing, dead, or worse yet, inhabited by the same 3-5 crusty “anti SJW” dudes that chased off interesting conversation years ago.

this place is an absolute bastion of retro community & help, and i can’t stress enough how great it is to have a corner that celebrates & enjoys these games, rather than just insta-collecting & YT trends. i need to spend more time out here, but i want everyone to know how very grateful i am that we’re still around!


RGB really is my favorite place on the internet. It is the only community that I’ve ever regularly been a part of. The people here make this a special place to share our love for this hobby in all of its aspects. Keep it up RGBers. You’re the best!


Just echoing.

You guys and gals are the best, and this place is the best. <3


I’m really happy we’ve managed to keep the community together and even grow it organically over the years while maintaining the chill, polite atmosphere.


Can’t remember how or when I got here, but the forum (and the discord server) is the best retro-gaming place for me, even though I’m mostly a lurker. Most people here are insanely knowledgeable about even the most obscure games or japanese-only ones. As poptart said, very chill and polite atmosphere, and the only place where Nintendo and Sega fans don’t fight (except the harmless jokes and banter on discord). :smiley:


Great little forum. And everyone is so nice.


Ditto to all the above. This community is simply awesome, to say I treasure it is an understatement.

I’ve been dismayed by what has happened generally to online civil discourse over the past decade, RGB honestly feels like a time capsule back to the best of how things used to be like. That it’s also applied to a hobby I hold so dearly to me, with so many experts on the subject, makes it even more special.

Keep up the good work, folks!


Perfect place for me to talk about retro games instead of play them! :joy:

And I vastly prefer the forum format to chat myself, though both have their utility. I think some threads here have become archives of interesting information, almost multi-user blogs, eg the arcade board thread.




I love this place. I care less and less about modern games as the years go by so I find myself spending more time here rather than on Era.

So many retro communities have big egos flying around. I love this place because it’s chill.


Can’t believe it’s been 3 years since GAF had its meltdown.

I love RGB. It’s such a nice, friendly environment for sharing and chatting about videogames new and old, and certainly a much better place for me to visit and revisit, which I can’t say for either GAF or Era. I was only on the retro threads on GAF anyway, and Era always seemed a bit too… tense. I made what seemed like a harmless comment and got warned for “driveby trolling”.

That’s when I realized RGB was “my place”. I don’t post often here, but I do enjoy reading the posts. It’s such a great little community.


Happy birthday RGB! Happy this community was able to survive the gaf-meltdown.


Congrats on 3 years! I haven’t been too active in recent months, but I really appreciate the work that goes into making RGB an enjoyable, inclusive place on the Internet. I’ve kind of reached the conclusion that large, sprawling sites are just not sustainable in the long run. There are too many idiots out there and dealing with them becomes a stress-inducing, mental health-wrecking exercise in whack-a-mole. Even Era is buckling under its own weight and I recently said goodbye to all of that. Planning to keep things simple from here on out. Thanks.


As someone that has run and maintained several sites and clubs of various natures; with size comes controversy. It’s only a matter of when, not if.

At some point you get enough people in the mix that there are enough differing opinions that there will be a disagreement large enough to fracture the community.

A good leader will already have certain rules and practises in place to deal with these fractures, and be willing to accept the loss off some users for the greater good of the community.


Well said. We’ll do our best to strive towards these ideals and listen to people about how we could be better if we ever fall short.


Yeah this definitely sums up my reason for loving the community here. It’s small and takes me back to an older type of forum experience you just don’t get on these big websites. Thank you guys for keeping this website alive I know I’m not super active but I can always come back to this place and I hope to be able to visit for years to come