I am Very Thankful for Our Community

To everyone on RetroGameBoards.com,

Thank you all for posting on RGB. I’m very thankful for our community. Whether you know it or not, this community has gotten me through a few tough times over the years and I am very glad we have this new website as our home.

Thank you all for joining and contributing. Thank you all for being cordial and enthusiastic. And thank you all for just being genuinely good people who I love talking to about our hobby.

You’ve taught me a lot about a subject I love and will always be grateful. I will always care about our group. And I will always smile when I think about the fun threads we’ve made and laughter we’ve shared.

I sincerely appreciate everyone here from the bottom of my heart and, whether you celebrate Thanksgiving or not, wish you all a pleasant evening and happy holiday season.

Warmest regards,


Y’all aight

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Haha, us canucks have already celebrated Thanksgiving. Beat you to it, every year!

In all seriousness though, thank you to everyone for being a part of this community. Because we really are a community: without you, it’d just be 2 or 3 of us talking about whether Sonic was ever any good. I’ve learned so much about retro games, despite having lived through and played them when they weren’t considered as such, and I continue to learn new stuff every day.

Cheers to Peltz for keeping us together after the Cataclysm earlier this year, and I look forward to making many new memories (memes) with you all.

Seriously. This 1000x. Thank YOU, @Peltz and all the ladies and gentlemen who brought us here.

Agreed. Thanks for doing this Peltz, Peagles, and others involved. Much appreciated!

I’m glad to be here. I hope we can bring some more members into the fold this coming year, as well.

You guys are alright.

real talk, this place is everything I need as far as games are concerned. Retro is forever. Happy Thanksgiving y’all.

I’m really glad we’re all here. Thanks, Peltz.

I’m thankful for @Peltz and everyone involved with the ‘great exodus’ into a new home. This site really opened my eyes to a community of people that share their love for all things retro, from the most heard of to the most obscure, that love and passion is strong.

Happy Holidays everyone!

We don’t do thanksgiving here but I am really thankful for this community too. What a great bunch of people :slight_smile:

Thanks to everyone who helped get us all together via Discord and everyone else for keeping the faith and sticking with us until the launch of our own little slice of the web.


@Peltz you the man, thanks also to @Socksfelloff, @Chacranajxy, @BTails and @D.Lo for your work on the boards and spiceorange and NormalFish for help with the Discord!


Agreed. Smaller forums usually have better civility too.

Pretty happy about this place and the community. It’s been decades since I’ve been part of a more focused group and it feels really great.

Thanks for the forums and the community. It’s been fun to read and hear what systems/games everyone is passionate about.

Back at you. Thanks for all the work that’s gone into this forum.

The best is yet to come and the work has only just started. And we will be sharing more on this as soon as we can.

This has been the only board ive gone to since the death of thr other place. I didn’t want to go to the new place.

Same, but more because I’ve been so busy and I’m trying to actually beat some games before getting sucked into checking a bigger forum/discord daily again. :c

Ha wow really?

Kind of makes sense actually. For a few years (well until this year really) I played only retro games and retro gaf were the only threads I’d visit.

Retrogaf was one of the very few communities on gaf that weren’t full of pretentious idiots. All we did was shared our love for classic games and that’s it. All love. I’m so happy RGB now exists