HDMI Everything

True. You’ll just inject them into your medulla oblongata. The graphics will be amazing!

The crt filters will finally be perfect.

I will complain about them as usual.


Every standard will run its course. I just try to enjoy whatever I have with the best available stuff I can buy at reasonable prices. If I’m spending more time browsing than playing I’m doing something wrong

HDMI actually supports 240p.

My line of thinking is if if I’m making the compromise (as I see it) of HDMI everything, I’d just go all the way and emulate. Heck, I already play my CRT emulation setup more often than my wall of original hardware. This stuff is complex and expensive enough to get working at a good level in the first place without paying for mods from various places, each expensive and requiring installation.

Luckily emulation has advanced by leaps and bounds these last couple years, so almost everything I’m interested in can be played relatively easily at a fair level of accuracy and minimal lag, specially my main focus of 8 and 16 bit consoles.

I can definitely see the allure of this pursuit though. It’s arguably less out there than collecting CRTs so what do I know!

Cross posting from the PS1 thread, ps1 hdmi coming

some updates from the twitter convo:
no cut
uses serial port
PSIO compatible
not PSOne compatible