UK SCART to HDMI - method that works???

Hey all, I have purchased a couple of SCART to HDMI converters… One works on the Commodore 64 well, but my Amiga and PC-Engine dont work… So I got what I thought was a better one… its worse, Commodore 64 is now Black and White and the others still dont work…

I need to convert so I can capture direct from the consoles and my capture device is HDMI…

Anybody have a method that works without the expense of a upscaller??

I am trying to avoid spending money I dont need to, though the new open source upscaller may actually be the only real option??


Don’t bother with any of the cheaper options, trust me.

Get the OSSC and it will save you money in the long run. What capture card are you using? If you’re using a straight scart-hdmi converter it will be sending 240p over hdmi which alot of capture cards can’t accept.

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Personally, I wouldn’t waste money on cheap alternatives. If you don’t want to spend money on an OSSC, there’s always emulation - which will be much better than any cheap Scart to hdmi solution and is free.

Cheap conversion devices will just give you similar issues to what you’re already dealing with and never look as good as something that was designed with 240p in mind.

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Yer kinda thought this, but thought I would see if anybody thought anything better… Was going to get a camera next, seems a OSSC might be better initial thing to get… Problem is everything I buy has to come out of the collection :frowning: just sold my Atari Jaguar, PC-Engine Duo-R and Megadrive2 and MegaCD are now on the bubble…

Sok though, thats how shiz rolls :slight_smile: AVerMedia is the capture card and accepts HDMI input, but even if I just plug direct into the TV it dont work…

OSSC here I come… :slight_smile:

Thanks for all your help…

Yep, get the OSSC. Cheap, ships from within the UK as Royal Mail Special Delivery by 1pm (received mine 9am the morning after putting my order in) and it works like a dream, with zero lag and a fantastic image.

Just bear in mind it takes RGB SCART only. not really an issue for us in the UK, and not an issue for you as long as you have the right cables for your stuff. Amiga works well on it.

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Welcome Simon! Great to set another UK retro fiend on here. I think we’re all from the South West so far?

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Thanks dude, glad to be here… hate to ask, whats a Terri fiend :wink:

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Ha! Retro. All about the retro. And my fat fingers.

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Ahh I have fat fingers too :slight_smile: ha, makes sense now…

OSSC ordered, always exciting to get a new bit of kit, I will let you know how I get on… Thanks again for everybodys help… made making the choice to buy easier…

You’re going to love it. Congrats on your purchase!

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Yup. The OSSC is the best solution for your problem. Great piece of kit that’s fully supported and doesn’t disappoint. It’s usually a lucky dip with the cheaper alternatives and sometimes they don’t work very well with specific consoles.

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Its here, wow that was quick… now to fire it up… but first here is the happy chappy…


Fantastic! Yeah, mine arrived just as quick too!

I would start with X2 (480p mode) and try that first before x3 (720p), x4 (960p) and x5 (1080p) modes. Reason being some TVs have incompatibility with the higher modes.

If you have any issues, give me a shout - I know the thing inside and out.

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Everything so far some wonderful, C64 though is the only one not working, guess it maybe my cable (to SCART), the RED sync light comes on, screen stays black…

C64 doesn’t output native RGB afaik so that’s why. It can output composite or svideo only.

In that case you’re best just plugging that one straight into the TV, unfortunately! Unless you get it RGB modded.

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Ahh ok, yes makes sense… I want to capture it via HDMI, but I have a SCART to HDMI converter that seems to work well, so not a biggy…

Here is a daft question, how do I select x5 (for example), I can work out in the menu where I change the settings, but stupidly cant work out how to select it :slight_smile:

Press TV/AV, then either 1,2,3,4,5. you can use the menu to save profiles after.

Ossc_remote2 has a full remote and feature guide

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Yer, worked it out… It was in the manual, select Menu, then down to Output opt. then OK, the select right to change the Line X option, all good (apart from my TV only likes x2)… I was selecting down and this point and that takes you to more options rather than changing the X…