HEY! C'MON C'MON: It's the Giga Powered Neo Geo Appreciation Thread


jammin’ wind… out ur BUTT.


Lotta vacuous space in there, yes.


I mentioned in the Discord that I brought my capture device to my current place, with the hope of eventually having a convenient setup for recording Neo gameplay among other things. It only appears to accept the signal from the OSSC by using line 2x, but that’s alright for now. Scanlines are at 6%, with only minor tweaks to the picture via the capture software. Very quick, very dirty. Pretty much a 10 minute setup and test. Oh, the audio was recording using a single USB condenser on my desk. The game audio is coming from my Asus monitor.


Goddamn it. Made an offer on a nam 1975 cart, and probably gonna get kof2003.

This. Is. The. Worst. Sickness.


Well, you did well since Nam is the single greatest Neo Geo game.


heh, I knew you’d be happy about it.


Nam is awesome. The translation is a riot but the gameplay is no joke. It’s also super cool that it’s one of the affordable ones on AES. You know, as awesome as these kinds of shooters are, there sure aren’t many of them.


Yeah, it’s a genre that I really like. And I bought it! Haven’t played the game before, so it should be interesting.

Also worth noting: it has like… the best cover art ever.


Alright :clap: guys :clap: we :clap: need :clap: to :clap: stop :clap:

Bought KOF 2003.

Really. I’m done.

For the day.


Dude, you better black out the leg and the cleavage in that boxshot. It doesn’t look right. It needs scribbles.


Just bought a new optical drive for my NGCD. Hope this one last more than 1 hour of continuous play than my current laser.


just found out about this by chance. Damn this is some Neo Geo unicorn type stuff.



Wow, that’s kind of cool. I take it the only games that would work with it are the 4-player Kizuna thing and League Bowling?

Also, I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again: Kizuna Encounter is the best kept secret on the Neo Geo.


both Kizuna Encounter and Savage Reign are among my top wants for sure.


I remember Savage Reign being doodoo. The two games are like… completely different.


it’s the completist in me.


I think you already know some MVS carts have ridiculous prices, not quite as bad as AES, but bad enough that altogether you’ll end up spending in the thousands by the time you get everything you want. Have you considered setting aside some of that cash for a Neo SD?




Another option I to do what I did and buy a multicart. I got the 161 in 1, £35 from AliExpress. It works great aside from a few odd glitches I’ve come across in a couple of titles. All the metal slug games (1-6 and X) work great as do the KOF titles. Haven’t had chance to try everything out yet but my daughter got really into Garou mark of the wolves:

My windjammers cart should be here soon too. Can’t wait for that.