HEY! C'MON C'MON: It's the Giga Powered Neo Geo Appreciation Thread


Alright, we should talk.


Dude, anytime.


@Chacranajxy Sad! I ordered my CMVS from JNX. Took 3 weeks from contacting James to deliver to my door. :stuck_out_tongue::+1:

@selfReg I may get some of those Southtown shockboxes for my small collection of MVS carts. They look really nice… although, yeah, on the pricey side.


lol, seriously?

I’m the one who made this thread and has the most posts in it, and I’m the only one without a got dang NeoGeo.


You should demand a partial refund. I would make myself very difficult to deal with at this point if I were you. They deserve it.


Yeah although this was a little over two years ago and I don’t think he’s taking orders anymore. But you probably care for aesthetics and so therefore the Omega with its AES-like shell was a good buy. Mine looks plain but it’s compact and was a bit customized in terms of inputs. Not mine, but the unit I have looks like this minus the logo and input labels:

Actually in terms of inputs in the back, it’s like this one:


Don’t mean to blindly shill for James, but he does great work, regarded as the best CMVS maker by some in the community. Looks like he is still taking orders… and from personal experience will not keep anyone waiting months for their order. Mine was $100 cheaper than the Omega and it costs even less if it’s not fully decked out.

http://www.jamma-nation-x.com/jammax/store.html (sidebar > Arcade > Neo Geo > CMVS)


would it be possible for you to share a shot of the insides of the JNX? I was always curious. I imagine it isn’t too different from the Omega but I’d still like to note the wiring method, etc.


I’ll see about taking a look inside later tonight.


27 weeks!


27 weeks waiting or 27 weeks until delivered? :sweat_smile:


Good question!

I’m still not a fan of the way the JNX looks, but I do find it incredibly novel that it actually exists. Like, it is a thing that you can purchase and then receive.


The Neo Geo book that was recently released may be a good place to source high quality images from as well.


That’s actually not a bad idea. Why, I was just flipping through more of that book yesterday!

It’s pretty cool.




mine’s orange.


Yeah, I wanted that Donkey Kong Country edition. Or that’s just what the guy had on-hand.

Edit: Now that I think about it, this is my 10th MVS cart. Cool! Still gotta wait another week or two for that lot of 6 I was gonna get.


Hey guys,

I just bought a genuine (checked the PCB) Windjammers MVS for £90. Good buy?


Very very good. I paid almost 3 times that much.