HEY! C'MON C'MON: It's the Giga Powered Neo Geo Appreciation Thread


That engineer guy who skewered (most of) the Everdrives said to stay away from the 161 in 1 cart, unless you mod it to fix the voltage problem that may kill your consolized MVS. I have one myself but I’m using it sparingly going forward.


I may mod it then. Any links?


Rich, your daughter just won a perfect round in a fighting game without even needing to sit down and also is wearing the coolest shirt I’ve ever seen.

You’re living the dream man.


Alright, KOF 97 bought.

Whatever. Who cares. I have a problem.


I just bought Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon.

btw thought you guys should know that this weekend there are two tournaments, both of which I believe are sponsored by SNK, that will feature classic Neo Geo fighters. I’ll try to post the streams here. The one in China will feature KoF '97, IIRC the country’s most beloved KoF and Xiaohai will be there. So Chac at least you can watch people play 97!


Did you actually buy Crouching Tiger Hidden Dragon 2003?


This is where I read about it:

And the video linked in that page:


of all the stupid coincidences lmao. No, I bought the movie.


28 weeks later! It’s just like the movie.

Now, to be fair, while I was quoted 5-6 weeks at the time I placed the order, ArcadeWorks did say that it could take longer. So, an additional 22 to 23 weeks (and counting) was to be expected. Let’s take a stroll down memory lane and see where the time went:

Falling behind schedule! It happens! I’d only been waiting for 3 months by that point in the game. My favorite quote was “Sorry for the delays. We’re fixing this situation now.” Nah, dawg.

So anyway, nothing for a couple more months, until November 7:

We’ve got the systems built, except we forgot about the other part of production: finishing the production.

Oh well, it’ll only be a couple weeks, they said.

So, a couple weeks + a couple more weeks later:

We got the shells! But they’re not finished. Shipping will resume shortly!

And then:

tl;dr: How to not run a business.


really makes me wonder. Ordered, got mine immediately. Had a board issue later, returned and replaced immediately. It just seems odd that they’ve had such an apparent turn for the worse in the service regard.


It’s kinda funny, because a couple people in the comments are like “it’s been 4 months, why the long wait?” Fuckin’ amateurs. Wake me up when you’re approaching 7 months.


world class Samurai Shodown 2 streaming now.


Ah yeah, thanks

That page made me curious so I opened up the mutlicart and had a look at the PCB. It’s definitely a new revision as it has regulators in line with the flash chips and looks nothing like the one DB tested on that page in the first image (it’s closer to the second, but still different). I got out my multimeter and gave it a check - and whaddaknow, it’s correctly knocking down the voltage to 3.3v.

I can take some photos if you wish to check against yours, but it looks like this one is safe.


Someone put up a review of the JNX CMVS and after the 3:00 mark he opens up the unit.


cheers for the tip!


I always wanted a neo geo when I was growing up. What is it going to cost me to get into one? Are any games cheap? I do like the samurai shodown series.


lucky for you, the Samurai Shodown games are among the cheapest titles on the Neo Geo. Every SamSho other than 5 and 5SP can be had for like 20 to 40 bucks on MVS. As far as hardware, it looks like the safest and highest quality option for a CMVS would be the JNX. You can check out the video review posted by @Mega. It will run you something like 300-400 I’m guessing. Mega can chime in as he owns one.


If you have a jamma wired arcade cab or supergun, a one slot MVS with an adapter shouldn’t be over a hundred bucks.


@tron @selfReg
Yea, I paid $450 shipped for mine but this was a while back and it has all the connections in back. At cheapest it’s sub-$300 although I’m not sure what configuration gets you there (my guess is RGB only and leaving out S-Video, Component, etc).


Cool, thanks for that information. I’d probably just go RGB, since I have a framemeister.

Add another thing to waste money on, lol.