HEY! C'MON C'MON: It's the Giga Powered Neo Geo Appreciation Thread


do it.


Wait… you’re getting a full 4 slot big-red NEO GEO MVS cabinet!?


Could be. I’m not that interested in the 4slot since I’ll grab a neoSD but the price is right!



I saw that post @Socksfelloff earlier – gratz on the score!

Some dude in Ontario has a brunch of carts for sale as well between $75-100 if my memory serves me right. Not a great price, but “local” at least. Something to get you started…


I’m going to grab the 2 mv1 boards from him as well. Do you have any interest in them?

He says he will throw a “yellow multicart” in with the cab so I’m ok there. I plan on grabbing a neoSD if I do end up grabbing it.


$75 cad for both or $75 each?


I appreciate the heads-up, but I have a modded MV1C right now. That price isn’t bad though–especially considering it included an UNIBIOS.

I picked up a RGB-modded 27" Sony Trinitron CRT today (traded an SNES Classic Mini for it.) Kijiji has been fire these days! Haha


Sounds like a great sized tv. Does it do component and 480p?


75 for both! One mv1fz seems to go for that on eBay without a unibios

Cool! I’m going to grab both because 75 is a great deal and I’m a hoarder lol.

What model Trinitron? If it’s a fv300 or fv310 you got a great set. The fs100 and fs120 are the most common and are “meh”

It would have component but it won’t do 480p. The only Trinis that did 480p were the garbage hd crts that upscaled everything to 1080i and added post processing to everything.


Wow! That’s superb. If you decide to part with one of those, I’m definitely interested. Lmk what happens. :slight_smile:


I’m going to consolize the one but I’m not sure about the other. Maybe I’ll consolize that too and flip it as it seems there is a massive markup on those!


Sounds like a good plan!


Got em!

We couldn’t agree on a price for the big red so I just grabbed the 1 slots


I wonder if the Switch eShop version of Neo Turf Masters is a faithful port of the original?

I have no means to own a supergun at this point so there’s no playing it on a CRT/PVM as it should be… so I have only played it on MAME. But I love golf games, and especially my dad does too, so I thought it would be something we could play together when he visits.


I have it on switch and it plays fantastic. I can’t comment on how it performs compared to the original though.


Neo Turf Masters is a fantastic game on original hardware. There’s no slowdown or input lag if that’s what you’re wondering. I haven’t played it on Switch to compare if that version holds up faithfully though.


I also have it and it is stellar on Switch. It’s a great handheld game it looks really really good on the Switch screen. I keep scanlines turned off. It has a somewhat soft but not blurry look. Pretty close to a CRT look. Doesn’t look quite the same on my TV but I would not say it looks bad.

But again, it plays great. And I love being able to take it somewhere and break out the Joy Cons for 2P action. Everyone can plan those kinds of golf games.

I need to buy more of these NG games…


Well, I own the cart so I suppose I could get it on Switch sometime soon and check it out and report back. I’ll let you guys know when I do. I mean, so far, every Geo game I’ve gotten on Switch has felt like the original. Last Resort is pretty dead on as far as I can tell, but I don’t currently own any version of that to compare though I have in the past.


I don’t think a golf game is really going to suffer from emulation inaccuracies anyways