HEY! C'MON C'MON: It's the Giga Powered Neo Geo Appreciation Thread


With golf, the only thing that would bother me is hitches in the swing or ball tracking during movement. Even though that wouldn’t affect gameplay, it would be tough to overlook. Neo Turf Masters is a fluid game.


Neo Geo has the best sports games for casuals IMO. I fired up Neo Turf Masters over the weekend and played a few rounds. I was 3 under par on the 18th hole, only to completely blow it with a triple bogey! Despite this, the game never feels unfair.

I originally told myself I’d stick to four games on my MVS (Puzzle Bobble, Metal Slug 3, The Last Blade & Neo Turf Masters) but I am thinking about expanding my catalogue to 8 titles total. (I’d eventually like to get a 4-slot board and small cab, and just rotate games in and out.)

Can I get the communities thoughts on the following?

-Neo Cup '98 (or any soccer/football game)
-Baseball Stars 2 or Super Baseball 2020
-Magical Drop II or Bust-A-Move Again
-The Super Spy (I only played this in the arcade as a kid, and remember the graphics blowing me away, but I’m not sure if the gameplay holds up at all.)
-The 8th title I’ve already decided on, which will be the original Metal Slug (which I already own on Saturn, but I still think it’s one of the strongest in the series.) I’d also love Twinkle Star Sprites and Windjammers, but I think I’m priced out of those at this point…


Baseball Stars 2. No question there. Greatest baseball game ever made.


Neo Cup 98 is a reskinned super sidekicks 3, AKA the best arcade soccer ever. Baseball Stars 2 over 2020 for sure. Puzzle Bubble 2 is amazing. For the last game, how about Street Hoop or Neo Dodgeball?


If you’re sticking to sports, I really enjoy Neo Drift Out. Not sure on the price.


Thanks for the feedback all!

I’ve been curious about Street Hoops, but I’ve been ruined for basketball games since NBA JAM/TE, so I can’t help but worry that this will pale in comparison. (I’ll try a ROM first though to test the waters…)

@Shinriji is Puzzle Bobble 2 worth the upgrade over the original? Or is it too close to warrant the purchase? (Remember, I’m trying to keep my MVS collection svelte! Lol)

As for Neo Cup '98 or SSK3, is one preferable to the other? Which one is the better buy?

@cornerstone Neo Drift Out looks cool (I love the art direction) but I am typically terrible at isometric-racers, so I think I may have to pass on this one. Appreciate the suggestion, though!



work and school got between me and this hobby but I recently got the Mai themed Neo Geo stick for PS2 and I thought I should bump this thread. Complete in mint condition for just 100 bucks, whew. Will try to get a picture soon.

for my special projects class next quarter I’m thinking of either machining a CMVS enclosure, a Neo Geo stick enclosure, or a MVS cart enclosure haha. For the last one it would be modeled after the AES cart, just altered to accommodate MVS PCBs. I’m actually pretty stoked to get this done because it’s well within my abilities at this point and I have the incentive of getting my degree taken care of.


The MVS MV1C I ordered is on its way, should have it tomorrow or the day after.

I’ll be consolizing it - and I’ve decided on a design, which I’ll be drawing up on librecad over the weekend. I wasn’t sure how to make something with a decent or professional enough fit or finish until I had the idea of asking my brother to help me out.

He’s a carpenter, and is quite happy to build a high quality wooden housing for it. I’d need to decide on the type used but I was thinking Rosewood as that looks great when finished.

The unit would be a wood base and top, with a space for a 3D printed panel at the front for controller ports and one at the back for the power, phono and SCART sockets.

I’ll post my progress here as I go along, but I’ll definitely be taking my time with this one.


I have an MV1C as well that I plan to consolize at some point. I’ll be following your build closely !



If you’re in need of a Neobiosmasta (easy unibios install), give me a shout as I’ll be building a few boards. I’d just charge for parts + shipping.


Thanks for the offer but mine came with a unibios installed :sunglasses:

My JAMMA connector came in the mail a few weeks ago I just havn’t had time to test anything. I don’t have ay neogeo carts so I’m wondering if there is a boot screen or anything for the unibios? I just want to temporarily hook it up to make sure it functions before I go on buildings the enclosure and sticks.


Yep, it has a boot screen. Hold a b and c to enter the menu on boot too


Thanks! It’ll boot without a cart or controllers?


Definitely boots as normal and with the unibios intro without controllers on my MVS, but I’m pretty sure launching without a cart just loads the square test pattern screen. Can’t say I’ve ever tried booting into unibios settings without a cart


yay, power and video wired up. works great. Now I know it works fine, I can get on with the enclosure. Got the basic layout sorted in librecad, just need to finish it off.

Neobiosmasta boards are on their way from oshpark too, so I’ll be able to get a unibios installed easily.


New hardware incoming from SNK? Looks like a bartop to me…


I think they saw the stacks of cash Nintendo was making on their minis and figured they’ve already done the work on porting their old games to current gen. Win win.


I posted the below on resetera earlier, this was first seen last December and certainly lines up with the teaser.

“GE presented Mr. Bader Al-Asaker with a special gold version of the NEOGEO mini, which is a product designed to celebrate the 40th anniversary of the SNK brand.”



Just received my consolized MVS and it’s awesome for one very special reason.


I’m with family this morning, but can’t wait to watch this. I love a good Neo Geo video.