HEY! C'MON C'MON: It's the Giga Powered Neo Geo Appreciation Thread


Just a suggestion, but I would compare the prices of a supergun + MVS versus the full consolized MVS.

If there isn’t much difference is cost, you could end up with a much more useful full jamma setup that can play other systems/pcbs vs just the Neo Geo.

Again, not sure on the price.


What a weird looking printer/scanner/fax machine.


The MV25TA-0 and the Sega Aero Table were among the last cocktail cabs that were made before they completely went out of fashion in the 90’s. Love that the screen can be angled upwards so it display’s more like a Jaleco Pony II or III. It’s my grail cab along with the SC-25-4 but they are incredibly rare and expensive now.


Yeah I’ve seen people putting out feelers for candy tables for a while. The footprint on that particular one must be gigantic. Is there any way to rotate the monitor?


There is no rotation mechanism on any SNK cab one as none of the MVS library supports 3:4 aspect ratio. SNK didn’t allow people to make vertical / tate games at all which is apparently one of the reasons Psikyo stopped developing games for the hardware.

The Sega Aero Table and Jaleco pony Table are rotatable and those do come up for sale a few times a year but you are looking at forking over at least 2-3k for even non mint examples.

Like everything else the prices have easily doubled over the past four or so years on these more desirable cabs. The real problem I find in trying to acquire stuff like this is increasingly people don’t want to sell, it’s all about trading one for another regardless of how much you offer.


I wonder if there’s any documentation about the reasoning behind this.

I assume it’s because they wanted perfect home console compatibility, and no one wanted to turn their tv sideways.


2/4/6 slot motherboards with a mix of horizontal and vertical titles would have been totally impractical for the arcade operator too.


How do you rotate monitors in candy cabs that support them? Is it as cumbersome as I think it is? Or is there some sort of cool swivel under the hood?


The Egret 2 is the only fairly available one that I know of that has a rotate mechanism.

On other ones, namely Sega candies, you take the front bezel off and physically unbolt the monitor, lift it out partially, spin it and bolt it back in. It’s a pain in the ass, very heavy, and will usually require you to lie the whole cab on its back. Which isn’t good for stuff like a new Net City that has a plastic back.


My christmas gift this year was a new, original Sharp Lens mechanism for my NGCD. After dealing with spindle problems, tired lens (disk errors within 30 minutes, usually), faulty pad and a lot of not working Chinese knockoff replacement lens, it’s good to have a fully functional Unit. Even my old Street Hoop with disk rot worked. Truly a Christmas miracle.

Gonna spend the holidays playing RBFF non stop.Merry Christmas everyone!


recently acquired, complete Japanese MVS kits (minus box) for Real Bout Special, Real Bout 2, and The Last Blade 2.


Last Blade 2?






wtf happened to Chac guys.


Chac decided to step down as a mod and is not posting of his own accord. We needed to clean up the discord a bit and I may have offended him when I asked him to tone it down.

On a personal note, I still like Chac and hope he comes back sometime.


Sounds like I’ve missed out on the fun times on discord. :c


So guys, yesterday i wanted to play some Metal Slug 2 on my Neo Geo CD. And after loading, the title screen appeared, but then on the menu the game just stayed there, like none of the buttons responded, and there was no sound, meaning it probably freezed? This happened three times, but only on this game. Anybody here heard of a similar issue, and what might be causing it?


Weird, never had that issue. That said, NGCD hardware is very flckle.


So I’ve been looking at 1 slot boards on eBay for a bit thanks to @Rich and today a guy popped up on locally, on kijiji, selling 2 1 slots for $75cad. Working and one of them has a unibios already!

I get talking with him and turns out he’s got a “mint” 4 alot big red he’s thinking of selling for $1300cad. I’ll get some pictures of it later tonight but I’m excited to say the least!