HEY! C'MON C'MON: It's the Giga Powered Neo Geo Appreciation Thread


Enjoyed reading this thread. I remember as a kid seeing a Neo Geo console at a local video game store and being blown away by Samurai Showdown. Every once in awhile I think about getting a Neo Geo but the prices drive me away.


MVS = Most Valuable System.


Hey! I just bought this MV1FS:

I got it for a best offer price on ebay of $105, $150 total with shipping. Has unibios installed and comes with KOF 2002. I plan on consolizing it which should be easy considering it already has two controller ports and stereo out!

Good buy? And looking at a guide, all this board needs is 5v in and RGBS out! Not too bad.


excellent. I’m a MV1C guy myself but very nice pickup. 2002 is a great pack in.


I am finishing boxing stuff for moving, and I want to share my NGCD collection.


Great selection of tiles you have there. I had a friend in high school who was going for a complete NCD set. I have a lot of good memories playing the NCD.


Nice. I’m not aiming for a full set since people can’t even agree on what is the U.S full set it (Blue’s Journey, Ninja Master’s and WH2 Jet US copies even exists? Internet don’t know the answer). But there is some gems missing for sure (SS3, Aero Fighter 3 and AOF2 on the top of my mind).


I had no idea it was this easy to consolize these boards and for so cheap! I think I may look into this option.


Heh well yeah, it seems to depend on the board though - I have another MVS which seems not worth bothering with. But the one I’ve just ordered is as simple as just hooking up 5v power and RGBS/audio out: http://www.jamma-nation-x.com/jammax/cmvs1fs.html (you can ignore the video converter board step there entirely if you just want RGB).

I’ll then get a few pieces of acrylic cut to size, separate the board via risers and mount a scart and power socket on the bottom piece. Aim is to get it looking like this:


I didn’t go Black Friday shopping, per tradition, but I couldn’t fathom getting this kind of deal. The original Neo Geo Stick 2 is from what I’ve seen over the years the least common of all the PS1/PS2 Exar sticks. To see two of them in one listing is ridiculous. And yet, I did, and I copped both for what works out to be 40 bucks each. The picture is from the listing. I should have them by the end of the week, at which time I will post my own pics in the pickups thread. I can now say that I own “Neo Geo sticks” and they happen to be from the series I want to complete the most.


Nice! I still need a Neogeo pad of any type. I can hook up my MVS as soon as it arrives (it reached Heathrow yesterday!) But alas no pad to test it with yet


Be extra careful with them. My friend had 2 of them and they start to malfunction if you look at them at the wrong way, LOL.


Honest curious: how well are those replicas supposed to compare to the originals? I own both the arcade stick (from the KoF Orochi Collection) and the NG Pad 2 (from KoF’94 Re-Bout), but I didn’t fall in love in either case.


@Rich definitely let us know. Thankfully there seem to be a lot of solid options for Neo controllers.

@Shinriji haha I certainly hope not! I’m an arcade stick enthusiast through and through, and as a guy who’s used to American arcade components (hello Big Red) I will be sure to put them to the test.

@Galdelico I wish I could say, but as I mentioned initially these would be my first Neo sticks of any kind. It’s a goal of mine to own at least one of the original AES sticks as well. Other than those already mentioned, another one I’ve been meaning to track down would be the Hori Fighting Stick NEO. There are two slightly different versions. In either case, those seem to be the most mod-friendly and the closest you can get to a true arcade experience out of the box.


I’ll definitely post an update here when it arrives. I’ve got a few parts on the way too - a 300x300mm acrylic panel (the MV1FS is 290x290mm), a 5v 3amp power supply and a few other bits like a scart socket and DC socket. Just need some spacers for the acrylic panel, some rubber feet and a rocker switch.

I could drill in a DIN socket into the cart slot area but I’d rather not alter it at all - hence why I’m mounting a full size scart socket and the power input onto the perspex underneath.

Hopefully it’ll go well…

As for a controller, Ive seen a SNES to Neogeo adapter on eBay that sells for a tenner so that seems like a good buy.


I think that looks better than the Omega. In fact, I think I would rather have that set up.


I would rather have a setup. Doesn’t matter what. Just… yknow. One that exists.


I think those standoff/acrylic type setups are very cool looking indeed, however I have a big issue with anything consolized not being fully enclosed. But that’s just me.

by the way, since they seem not to have been mentioned yet in this topic, I’d like to put in a good word for Southtown. They created the Shockbox, an answer to the AES case for MVS. Basically a must have for anyone trying to protect their loose carts. They also happen to make for a very pretty collection if you spend a little more on some of the many custom inserts that are hosted on their site. I just placed an order with them last night. Ultra quick correspondence. If you do order inserts from them, remember to also order their insert cutting service if you don’t wanna deal with sizing them up yourself.


A friend of mine went all out with Shockboxes a few years ago. They are beautiful if you take the time to get good quality prints of the inserts. Highly recommended.


Totally agree. I’m not into NG collecting, but a good friend of mine is, and we started a little project last year, for his MVS collection:

He bought red shockboxes from Southtown and I provided custom inserts for all his games, according to what he liked for each title. Some of them are heavily AES inspired, others aren’t.

Here’s an example:

They look pretty cool on the shelf too: