HEY! C'MON C'MON: It's the Giga Powered Neo Geo Appreciation Thread


Man, that looks great. I didn’t realize shockboxes were readily available. Is there a resource where I can get cover art to print out?

I was thinking of getting a bunch of cardboard boxes with anti static foam for all my arcade boards, including NG… but this almost makes me want to do something special for my Neo shit.


if you like any of the ones you see on Southtown, you can download them on their respective pages for free and print your own. AFAIK Southtown is the only resource of its kind for Shockbox art. Some of the contributors have their own sites, but most of their work is on Southtown anyway.


Ha! So the stuff you see at the Shockbox art link by Joe Ricards, that’s my friend (best man at my wedding in fact…). He’s a great guy. I knew he posted his stuff, but I just never really looked at the site to see the links. Enjoy!


that’s awesome! Yeah, there are a lot of creative people in the Neo community. My personal favorites are the works of NeoCverA and le geek.


This shit never ends, does it? These shockboxes look so nice.



can’t wait to Shock my Metal Slug cart with this.


Thanks. :wink: It’s coming along real nice. I’m working on Andro Dunos, right now.

My friend tried a couple of their inserts, before we started, and didn’t really fall in love. I didn’t see them in person, even though the ones he got looked kinda low res, judging by his pictures. That’s why we took the chance to start from scratch.

This is how an insert looks like, before getting printed:

@Chacranajxy - Should you have an idea about how you want your covers, PM me and I’ll see if I can send you a tryout to take a look at.


Nope. It really doesn’t. I have to post pix of my recent pickups. Fucking Neo Geo, man. It gets in your blood.

I’ve seen Joe’s stuff in person on the shelves and the pictures do not do justice to stuff like this…




Yeah, that looks cool, though I’d probably stick to more uniform spines myself.

But yeah, there is literally no other platform that inspires this level of obsession for me. It’s a sickness.


my favorite styling of Neo Geo packaging is definitely the Japanese AES style. It would be cool if more people stepped up to contribute Shockbox inserts like this guy has. Utterly badass.

I love that this thread is crackin’ BTW. Neo forever.


That jackass on the cover looks dumb. Who would ever use that?


Obviously another jackass, jackass.



someone who hates Metal Slug.


God damnit this thread is making me want a neo geo bad.


Stick to your Switch ports, you fucken cuck.



On the real, tho, we need to keep posers out of this thread. No more socks, no more me.


it’s coming, buddy. You just have an usually large preparation window.


aw man. my MVS is at the parcelforce depot…but there’s a £32 fee to pay. Wouldn’t be so bad if it wasn’t for the fact that half of that isn’t tax but a parcelforce handling charge. gah

anyhow. I’ll hopefully have it all up and running tomorrow before Xenoblade 2 arrives (unlocks at 10pm as I got it from the South African eshop!)

excited to get onto the neogeo train finally, yet terrified for my wallet