HEY! C'MON C'MON: It's the Giga Powered Neo Geo Appreciation Thread


good man. Also woohoo 1k views guys we did it.


Nothing fancy. Just been meaning to take a photo. In storage waiting to get my Super Neo 29 from out of state.


Aw yeah it’s here

I also got free Japanese tea with it



I used a SCART socket board ripped from an old CRT for easy wiring and mounting to the perspex board I have. Works fucking great

Firstly didn’t have any sync or audio because I’m an idiot and forgot that the in/outs are obviously reversed when wiring up a SCART socket. was panicking for a bit before realising!

I also just bought a neo geo CD pad on ebay. I guess that’ll work fine on this board as it has two controller ports built in.

Only issue so far is the audio has a bit of low freq interference - I will try using a different ground point or just use the inbuilt headphone pins and see if that’s any better.


Rich, that looks fantastic!

Let’s see you bring your omega on the go! I only have a few switch ports. My main NeoGeo setup is this :

Come at me


Testing my MVS board on my TV via the OSSC now. Works perfectly! x5 mode, 1:1 320px mode:

hard to get a decent shot with this crappy phone camera though…shutter speed fail on the last photo


Looking great Rich. Do you have a pic of the hardware hooked up for testing? I’d like to see even if it’s messy. I’m always curious to see different supergun and consolized arcade setups even if they are a work in progress. Just seeing the PCBs exposed but hooked up and functioning is kind of cool. Also, all the custom chasis out there make for interesting discussion.


thanks! I’m fully on the neogeo train now! I did have a multicart years ago, but it’s lost. I might buy another and then go for building a legit collection

There’s no extra hardware…just the wires going to a scart socket (pictured) and a power input jack plugged into a standard 5v power supply, like what the OSSC uses. there’s not really much else to show as I don’t own a supergun!

I’ve got two sheets of acrylic that are the right size - one will go underneath mounted with spacers and the scart output will be on that. The power supply will be mounted at the top next to the cart slot, and then once I’ve cut it to shape the top layer acrylic will go on top.

basically, its a console now. hooray


very, very nice stuff.


Hold on.

This whole process took you… 2 weeks?

I hit 6 months today.


Well, I ordered the MVS last Thursday, it arrived in the UK on Saturday…customs until today and then I had hooked it up via scart and a new power supply within half an hour. With customs charges and parts I’m £130 down…but the board already has unibios and a game, so that’s not too bad! It’s only the start though…

I’ve just spent an hour measuring and cutting the top perspex sheet…gonna need to spend hours smoothing the edges with brasso, damn. I wish I still had access to my old school’s tech lab for stuff like this - but that was over a decade ago. And it got struck by lightning and burnt down a few years back, so no chance.


Prehistoric Isle 2

I’ll get to fixing the pincushion in the screen sometime soon.


I’d really like to give that game a shot. Not a fan of prerendered graphics, but something about that game’s look is pretty cool.


I’d say it borders on too-cluttered at times. But there’s little details you can smile at. Definitely not going to win any awards. It’s certainly better than a lot of early 3D shooters.

It honestly may be better at a higher resolution, although I haven’t seen that. And I probably wouldn’t play it on a screen smaller than a candy screen.


Right, got the power switch, power jack socket finished and mounted the board onto the perspex sheet and mounted the scart socket onto that at the back.

I still need to add some feet underneath and add the top sheet of perspex to cover the PCB but as it is it’s now a console!

Can’t wait to get the controller in the post


Posted it in the discord, but got these a couple days ago:


ho ho ho. Here is essentially what I have Neo-wise as of today, other than my Omega which I’ve posted in the Discord.

more on the way! Shout outs to Southtown for the wonder that is the Shockbox. These things are fucking beautiful.


Stop. Making. Me. Want. Shockboxes.


yeah, shockboxes are dead sexy

chac is your omega on its way man