HEY! C'MON C'MON: It's the Giga Powered Neo Geo Appreciation Thread


Fuck… shock boxes look incredible.


I love the look of Shockboxes but I prefer the original red. It feels like yesterday I was placing an order from Big Bear.

There are a lot of great pick ups in here. Thanks for the pictures!


The shipping on the shock boxes (at least to Canada) is brutal. It makes you want to order extra (just in case – no pun intended) which then prompts you to buy additional carts to fill them, which causes you to run out of shock boxes, but then you find a grail game on sale for a decent price, but then you need to order more shock boxes…


lol, Shockbox shopping is definitely dangerous. I actually just placed another order for six along with more art. Total including Priority postage was basically a hundred bucks. But they’re so fucking worth it, let’s be honest.

I dunno why but I have this burning need to add Fatal Fury Special and Fatal Fury 3 to my collection. Special I’ve always loved, so no brainer, but I never gave 3 a whole lot of playing time. If only for being a well presented Fatal Fury entry, I need it now.


Hey y’all. Let’s see some gameplay shots. Nothing perfect.

It’s just kind of turning into every Neo-Geo thread on the internet. Boxes and pristine carts are cool, but Duck King dancing in FF and maybe that fat guy with the jetpack thing from AoF3 are cooler.


how about some explosive uppercuts?

Neo heads are certainly a particular type of gamer, but make no mistake I play the shit out of my games. I play KoF '98 daily. It’s my pack of smokes.


Found him. Real quick phone shots.


Still my favourite FF in the entire series. :heart:


Yeah, RBFF still is the best.


My friend did the same, and ordered a few more as well, for a bunch of MVS he plans to buy next.

This is what the first one will be used for:


One-hundred United States dollars for six shockboxes?

Yea… I’m good with my loose carts.


I don’t even own a NG. :sweat_smile:
But the dedication of Neo Geo people is something different… My friend basically decided to go for a shmups-only collection, so he sold pretty much 50% of his stuff during the last year or so… I followed his quest for a mint Pulstar AES, and when he finally got it a few weeks agp, well, that was a proper event.


Uhhh… just curious… how much did he pay for that?


Two grands. After months of dealing.
And he drove a good 5 hours up to the seller’s house and back home.

He told me Pulstar is one of his favourite games ever, but still. Whoa.



for clarification. It’s definitely a lot to some, but I don’t feel ripped in the slightest going this route. The price of inserts is incredibly fair and they do an excellent job with printing and cutting. And the actual Shockbox as I said before is amazing in and of itself. The shipping is the real killer IMO, but they’re gigantic cases. GORGEOUS, gigantic cases.


That’s awesome. It actually seems like a good price in today’s market. I would’ve driven the five hours too! Since I was on the Viewpoint AES quest recently and ended up deferring to Neo CD for that instead (at least for now), and saw how much people want for that and it’s not nearly as scarce IMO, the $2k seems about right.

Congratulations to him! Get your friend on this board! :slight_smile:


Haha, you have no idea how hard I’m trying to get him over here. :man_facepalming: He’s just not much of a forum guy anymore.


Wow, Gadelico — that Andro Dunos cover looks great. Where are you getting sufficiently high quality cover art for these?


So Jelly. I want me some Windjammers.


Thanks Chac. It depends on the game, but it’s not impossible to find clean (as in, logos and text-free), very large and good quality artworks for certain games just through simple Google searches. It may help to input the game title in Japanese, or adding the name of the illustrator. That said, Video Game Densetsu is a hugely useful source of art material too.
When it gets really hard (if not impossible) to retrieve anything useful for a specific cover, I try and ask collectors I know, to see if they can provide actual scans.

In general, I put alot of photo-editing and color correction work into these covers, in order to preserve the original art as much as possible, and even when the resize is severe, the final results remain pretty good.