How do you cook your steak?


Tonight I tried a new method of cooking my steak. Usually I’m a direct heat griller or I Sous Vide if I have a lot of prep time.

Tonight I tried cooking my steak slow and low in the oven 250° F for 1 hour.

Sea Salt
Ground Pepper
Garlic Powder to taste.

1 hour later

I got out the Searzall and finished it.

A pad of garlic butter and I covered it for 10 minutes to let it rest.

It was fantastic. Perfect texture and very beefy.

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I normally have mine blue or go rare if it’s a steak with a bit more fat on, I’ve never cooked steak slowly before, it’s something I save for when I’m doing a rib of beef.
That steak does look good, now I’m starving though :expressionless:

This is my rib of beef from last Christmas, the fat was seared quickly in a frying pan then cooked for approx 1 hour - 20 mins @ 200 degrees then taken out and wrapped in tinfoil while resting.

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Slow cooking is nice for a chance, especially since you can still keep it rare. Like @Collz69 it’s not something I go for with the steaks I make typically but good for once in a while/if I have other longer things cooking.

Also Sous Vide is something I suggest to anyone I know that wants the best possible end result with the smallest effort/supervision. Shit is amazing how well it can make something you just set and forget.


Holy crap that looks so damn perfect! @Kawika

I almost never eat steak these days but medium rare or even slightly rarer than that is how I like it.

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Very nice! Shouldn’t you sear it before hand to keep in the juices, though?


It had a thick salt rub and didn’t have any drippings on the pan. As you can see from the picture it was very juicy. Normally, I sous vide steak and it has a lot more juice.

The key to not losing just as far as I can tell, is getting the meat as close to room temp as possible before the cook (within reason)


Totally agree. This is the first thing everyone should learn about cooking steak


These are great tips


How do I eat my steak ? Every damn day that’s how !

@Collz69 once you start doing reverse sear you can’t go back. It creates the most tender juicy steak which you can then sear/crust to your liking. Sous vide is essentially the same thing.

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You’re making me want a cow hot tub.