Anyone want to play me in NES Ice Hockey on Nintendo Switch Online?

I’m not at my Switch at the moment. But I’m hoping to schedule a game with someone for a future date/time.

I love this game but really need a decent human opponent to play. Any takers?

I’ve never played it but I’m Canadian so I’m assuming I’ll be a natural.


If you use a full team of fat dudes, you can crush him like an empty tin of maple syrup!

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Good idea Bud! I’ll smoke him like a pack of darts!

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I’m down. Let’s figure out a time via discord.

Remember when I beat you hardcore in Blades of Steel?

It’s the only time I’ve beat Socks at a game :frowning:

Only after I dunked all over your ass in NBA jam!

I didn’t know you could controller your goalie

Ooh fuck yeah, bud!


I knew you were going to post that lol. My favorite part about it just how well it depicts growing up in rural Canada. Everytime I watch it it’s like I’m watching myself between the ages of 14-18

Haha yeah it’s a classic

You guys… I’m :rofl::joy::rofl::joy: @my desk at work.

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