I am Very Thankful for Our Community


This place is off to a great start. I didn’t post at GAF until this year but I was reading threads there for years.


I like to check Reset Era for news and the buzz around the latest release. But when it comes to discussing what I love about games in general outside of that, I prefer to come here.

The conversation here is more measured and deliberate.


I’m happy with posting mainly in this place and the Discord, while only skimming other forums for general Gaming news. I’ve never been heavy on post count or browsing massive threads with folks arguing endlessly or spamming memes/gifs-- I prefer the manageable pace and smaller community here. Its honestly perfect for me. Looking forward to the continued success of RetroGameBoards!


This is why I have had zero motivation to get involved in the new gaf site even after getting in on it in the opening rush. I’ll just stay here for now.


I don’t have much time for forum reading these days, but this place is one of only two places I visit now, and I’m glad we have a home. I’ve tried to promote this place to fellow retros, as this is a great friendly place to bring us all together.


I appreciate how the tenor of the discussion here is celebrating games. Much more enjoyable than negativity.


Im really glad the community survived too, even though i havent posted much so far. Thanks alot for your work Peltz!


This is so much how I feel too.


and I have you to thank Resident :slight_smile: I posted my last msg on GAF thinking it would get me permabanned but I logged on later on to find out my account was still active (post was deleted of course) and I discovered your PM invite waiting there. So it was only out of pure chance that I managed to end up on RGB. I proceeded to properly suicide my account and move to my new home :airplane:


Glad I pulled you out of the sinking ship! Still haven’t wrecked my Neogaf account, but I haven’t been in on the site for weeks.


Ah cool cool. I guess that place is a desert by now. Speaking of which, is BGBW here? I should send him an invite if he isn’t


I miss Sixteen-bit, I’ve tried sending him PM on both Neogaf and Twitter, but alas it seems he didn’t want to come over.

Edit: Oh I see he’s on ResetEra though!


Yea, we definitely lost a small handful of retrogaf in the migration here. But honestly, we are also far bigger than I ever realized retrogaf was. And for that I am thankful.

We are still a well kept secret by design. And we are going to keep it that way for at least bit longer so that we can establish a culture of respectful discourse and general enthusiasm. I think we can all agree that disruptive posting and need for moderation has been kept so far to a minimum and it’s been really great. So I hope to keep it that way and control the growth so that we don’t get a sudden influx of trolls.

That also means I’m okay with us being small (at least for now) and I’m okay with the fact that some former retrogaffers would rather post elsewhere. The last thing I’m looking to do is “compete” with NeoGAF, Reset Era, Shmups forum, or anything else. Honestly, I do not plan to make a dime off this website even if it does get big.

Rather, the plan for RGB is a bit different than for other videogame forums and growth/traffic is not our primary focus. But I cannot talk about this yet and neither can the rest of the staff.

In the next month or two, we are going to make an important announcement on the forum regarding the future of RGB’s ownership, funding, revenue stream, and overall goals. And I think everyone here will be very excited about what is being planned.

Although I cannot reveal what we are working on today, I can confirm that the plan is concrete, under way, and, quite frankly, awesome as hell. In summary, we have a unique vision for RGB and I can’t imagine anyone will object to it.

Once we reveal our plans, we will also re-evaluate how big we want to be and how hard we want to promote ourselves. But rest assured, we are going to be deliberate in our approach and have everyone’s best interest in mind. In doing so, we will try to strike a balance of cultivating a respectful community and getting an influx of new users who share our values and fit the overall tone of the discussion so far.

And I have a feeling that some of the users who are missing will come over eventually once we have everything out in the open and can explain how we are different (other than being an awesome retro-focused videogame board with great people).


I hope they begin and end at “chill and talk mainly about retro video games while occasionally posting a gif of a bear getting mad and tossing a sammich”.


Well, I can safely say if that’s what you want, you won’t be disappointed. We aren’t going to deviate from that into some unrelated agenda. We are about video games.


When I first started the Discord and was trawling through threads starting to send invites, I thought our crowd was maybe gonna be 40-50 strong.

At my last check of the Discord member count we have about 150 people and more are still trickling in!

I’m very excited about our plans for RGB and can’t wait til we can share with everyone!


@Peagles and @Peltz, that sounds pretty exciting. Needless to say, I’m totally looking forward to see what you’re cooking behind the scenes. :slight_smile:


Currently at 203 members on the board through word of mouth only!



Just had a quick head count on Discord… 181 :heart_eyes:


If you have enough beers, that number doubles to 406!

All joking aside, RGB is going to have some cool announcements. Looking forward to sharing everything.

And no worries, we’re all about those games