iam8bit publishing official repros of MM2 and MMX

They did this for SF2WW for SNES. Tempted for MM2 as that’s one of my all time favs. I like X as well but I’m satisfíed with my VC version and I don’t have the same sentimental connection.

Man, that lottery on the MMX cartridge color. Come onnnn.

I just remembered the SF2 carts overheated lol. Did they explain why?

I didn’t hear about that, but sure enough, right on the page

It doesn’t say that on the Mega Man pages, though.

These look really nice, especially the transparent blue carts, but $100 is too much and I don’t dig the “random rare cart” gimmick at all. Do I want it? Damn right I do but I gotta make a hard pass and vote with my wallet on this BS. This is reeks of a small(ish?) cash grab by Capcom and I can’t support it.

I’m sure the scalpers can smell blood in the water already.

So these people make all sorts of “collectible” stuff…

What the hell is this about:

Asking for a friend

$100 + fire extinguisher? Gonna pass on that.

Lol $100. You get very professionally made repros complete in box for half that, made by amateurs in small numbers for half the price. At 8500 pieces made, they are literally scamming people.

It’s a cool repro, I always applaud when these are made as it allows more people to play these great games without having to pay resellers prices on eBay. But that’s a lot of money they’re asking.

I’m sure there are licensing fees associated with this and capcom is probably taking a sizesbke chunk too. And yes, it’s a rip off despite that, but worth keeping in mind that it’s not a straight comparison.

Repros are a bit sketchy in legality as well. This is official.

This is pricey but it’s essentially CIB.

Even though they seem to have improved a bit I’m still wary of iam8bit. Luckily the pricing may be just above what I am willing to pay for a repro of these games, but I also don’t have a really special connection to them/still have my orginal carts. God help me if they ever do something like this for something like Terranigma.

MMX is a masterpiece and one of my favorite games of all time. If this item were produced and sold by Capcom I’d be in there no question, but I have no interest in giving iam8bit my money, so I’ll be sticking with my OG cart.

I love this idea, but not for $100.

I think the Data East Multi Carts that came out recently are a much better way to go about things. I haven’t looked into their quality, but those were $35 for 3 games. I don’t see a reason that same concept, say MMX 1-3, with slightly nicer box art and packaging should be more than $50. For $100, there could be a deluxe edition with extras like a soundtrack and exclusive book with dev interviews, concept art, etc.

If people are embracing the Super Nt as (more or less) a repro SNES, why not brand new repro carts as long as they are of similar high quality? This could be a great opportunity for a small company along the lines of Limited Run to lend some credence to repros, allow for more legitimate carts out there, and make some honest cash.

iam8bit has branded itself as the boutique retro gaming shop it seems. There stuff is completely in a different price tiers than other retro/physical outlets. It’s annoying. They have amazing connections since they get the premium collaborations. Persona 5 vinyl, Rez Infinite, and now Capcom.

Which is fine, really. Premium options like this are cool if there’s a good alternative. I’m just waiting for someone to be the Limited Run Games of retro cart releases.

LRG feeds on artificial scarcity and the sense of urgency of collectors. I despise their business model. There are already a fair number of reproduction makers, on Etsy and other places, who do a good job at producing relatively cheap cartridges for more people to enjoy the games, sometimes with boxes and even manuals. They only lack an official license from the copyright holders.

You’re right though, the likes of the Super NT shows that there is a market for consoles that can play original cartridges. The Retron was a shit product, but that didn’t prevent people from buying them, and even recommending them to their clueless friends. People out there, normal people, like the physicality of the cartridge and want a console to put it in. And it’s even better if they can use it on their modern display in the living room.

Maybe they’re nice in person, but the cart colors throw me off in these pictures. Kind of like they’re cheap NES bootlegs.

Do you have any recommendation on ‘safe’ or quality repro makers? I am starting to come over to the idea of repros given the cost of some of my favorite games, with repros being half or the quarter of the price, complete with cool cart colors and sometimes improved box designs!

I just don’t want something that’s gonna fry my console.

Edit: It’s 6am and I just woke up, just realized asking about unofficial repro makers may be off-limits. If this is a no-no, mods please let me know/delete this post.

I don’t really want to get repros of games that are actually available for my region but would like to know a good repro maker that does unreleased/localized games. I go on etsy but there are so many choices and options and who knows about quality and what not.

I had a good experience with (removed) for the English version of FFV on SNES. I used this with great success for a FF5 Fiesta a few years ago. Like you, I would only do this for games that are commerical unavailable. It does raise the concern with donor carts, though.


Mod edit: Just to reiterate what Peltz said last time repros were discussed.

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So, if you are going to link to a repro site, please make sure the only games being offered there are homebrew in nature and that the reproducer has a license to distribute the game legally. If it was available at retail, don’t link it. If it’s a repro of a translated game, don’t link it.

I know that is a harsh hardline stance to take, but it’s out of a desire to be cautious and protect our community.”

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