IGN’s Greatest Game of All Time Poll Bracket

Saw this poll bracket and figured I’d make a topic out of it here. How do the results so far stack up compared to your picks?

Hope you grew up in the 360/PS4 eras :slight_smile:

LOL at Apex Legends beating out Super Metroid… Voted on my thousands of people that have never even played a Metroid game.

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Knockout contests are always silly because the seeding can be so wrong.

But seems it wouldn’t have mattered. Super Metroid out in the first round to a johnny come lately game that will be forgotten in 5-10 years?


Chrono Trigger losing out to Burnout 3 was pretty funny.

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Votes for modern releases by people who have probably never played the older games.

Bloodborne beats Tetris? What a joke.

This days more about the audience of the website than the games.

There are many questionable things on there, and why I avoided all topics about this, but that isn’t one of them for me. I’m someone who owns dedicated Tetris machines and considers Tetris one of the very few “perfect” videos games. I enjoy Bloodborne more but that is more of a function of it being targeted directly at me personally.

This is fun to watch. Super Metroid and Apex are so different there is no point to compare them, but hey, here we are.

There are some backward results here but I expect a lot of younger folks really just don’t enjoy the older games as much, especially since they’re often not made available or are most accesible in a compromised state . I know folks that can’t watch movies from the 70s back because they just can’t get over how ‘old’ they look.

Updated the OP with the latest results!