Let's play (a SNES) game for February 2018

With the excitement of the Super NT anyone want to do another lets play?

I am going to Nominate a Link to the Past. Its easy, its awesome and we can finish it fairly quickly.

Please nominate a game and why we should play it and we can all vote for one of the games nominated.

  • Super Castlevania 4
  • Blackthorne
  • Demons Crest
  • Turtles in Time
  • Kirby’s Dream Course
  • Tiny Toon Advenures : Buster Busts a Nut

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Demon’s Crest! The best looking game on the system and severely underrated. The definition of a “hidden gem”.

Considering my recent acquisition of a cart for LTTP, I will vote for this.

I vote for super casevania 4 or super turrican directors cut (someone dump it please!)

I’ve never beat Super Castlevania IV. I’m down.

I don’t have demon’s crest and by the looks of the price I never will. Would have to play on the SD2SNES.

Glad to see these lets plays from the old forum is getting a new life here.

I would probably vote for Link to the Past, but Im fine with all the mentioned games really. Demons Crest looks and sounds amazing, but i think the level design and power ups are not that well thought out actually. Still a great game of course, but not among the elite on the system imo.

I’d probably vote for something a little less mainstream, not that LttP isn’t amazing, but I would assume that most of us have played it many many times.

If we do LttP, I might end up playing it on GBA. I would have way more time in bed at night to get through the game vs downstairs in my retro man cave.

I’m going to throw my hat into the ring and suggest Tiny Toon Adventures- Buster Busts Loose!

Solid platforming, very tidy sprite work, fun mini-games, incredibly varied level design / structure and neither too obscure nor too mainstream. Right up there with Konami’s best efforts of the 16-bit era imho.

actually just started replaying lttp a few days ago! I think you’re either going to a need an executive decision or a strawpoll to make this decision though :smiley:

I’m going to throw this one out there:

Kirby’s dream course. It’s freaking amazing and actually very challenging. It would be cool to compare shots and scores too.

And the multiplayer is sublime.

I’ve been meaning to do a LTTP replay. With the SNES Mini it should be quite convenient with save states.

I actually only ever played it through once in colour lol.

I’m going to keep nominating Turtles in Time until it happens.

That was the first game I beat this year.

Hope you’re ready for a RTTP :smiley:

You used a black and white TV in the 90s?

At the start yes, until 1994 I think. Relatively poor family, and I got the B&W in my own room as a hand-me-down. Could use the colour TV in the living room sometimes but obviously my room was better. I borrowed the game from a friend, and I had to memorise potion colours by position lol

I have fond memories of spending my summer holidays playing smash 64 in my friends garage on an old black and white TV over RF. I think it was maybe 13" but we didn’t care back then. Now I’m a fucking asshole and never have as much fun as I did back then using RF.

Magical times from days past.

One of these days I’ll play through ALTTP. I played ALBW but never the original. I know I’m weird

I’ll happily play through LTTP, great timing now that my setup is complete too.