Retro Game Boards Age Ratio?


Mods please feel free to delete this thread if it is inappropriate.

As I’ve chatted with community members here I’ve found it fascinating/interesting the years our community spans. It’s great to see how people of all ages are here and discussing these retro games and systems.

Anyways, I thought it might be neat to see how our community breaks down age-wise. No pressure at all and no one has to share anything they are not comfortable with of course. If anyone else is interested I figured we could do it in age ranges so no one has to give a specific age. I’ll toss out this list here as a reference:

(Adjusted ranges because I don’t understand how brackets work, clearly, lol)

Less than 15

I’ll start. I’m in the 30-34 bracket!


I’ll join the 30-35 bracket next month!




35 for just a litttttle bit longer.


I’m sensing a theme here… I’m in the 30-35 bracket myself.

Also, I have no problem with this thread, @New002 . I’d advise member maybe to not disclose their actual birthday and/or Social Security number though :wink:


I’m 26. HEH.


If your age lands on a 5 or 0 you land on two brackets. So I am in the 35-40 & 40-45 bracket.


My apologies. This is why they never let me make number brackets as a kid.


Just squeaked into the 30-34 bracket!


42 so I’m in the middle of the 40-44 bracket.


Please come and join me in the over 40 room, then. It’s so empty.





Never. Stop. Playing.





30-34 :slight_smile:





I do not like looking at that 35-39 bracket…


I’m 12 and what is this



I am somewhere near the tail end of the 25-29 bracket.