Details on Switch online coming September 2018

Nintendo Switch Online

• “Family Plan” is $34.99/year and will allow up to 8 account holders to use the service, even on different systems
• 20 NES games available at launch
• NES games have coop, screen share, and controller passing
• Cloud saves
• Still coming Sept 2018

My favorite part is the cloud saves. I really like that a family plan isn’t that expensive. Lets see how good the online service is. It’s worth $20 a year for cloud saves alone so the 20 nes games is icing. Let’s hope a real dpad is coming with the service. Perhaps RIP virtual console.

Seems very cheap.

I hope the family account stuff lets me share digital games across multiple Nintendo Switches.

Cloud saves
Nintendo console

Holy crap!

It’s a no brainer for the price. Somehow my switch has a large chunk missing out of the bottom so cloud saves are welcome!

I generally don’t care much for emulation but being able to play nes games with forum members makes it a must have feature!

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Enjoy matchmaking with them over that phone app. Woof.

I’m fine with this because it’s not $50 a year.

If rumors and speculation are fair. This was in gamefaqs 5 days ago. Looks like maybe this might be true now. Grain of salt and all that.

I’d be shocked if any of that were true. The lack of GBA games in today’s announcements already disconfirms the “leak”. Plus it’s gamefaqs. People just want attention on there.

I’m sure it’ll let you match through your friends list like any other switch game

Every once in a while, someone actually has something. We shall see. Normally I’d agree except that they knew when the info would come out from today. Shrug. I want gba on the switch. I normally don’t care for emulation but it’s gotten a lot better and it might actually be decent. I hope we see a lot more ports to switch.

The fact that Nintendo didn’t implement voice chat outside the app deserves all the criticism they’re going to get for that. I don’t get how you make something so slick like the Switch and then bungle such a standard feature like that.

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This! It’s so ridiculous that they were this short sited. Hopefully Nintendo’s new gen of management can fix some of the poor choices of the old guard.

Not worth it for me, even at that price.

If it is a spotify of NES games, it could genuinely be a boon to stuff like the ‘play retro game’ threads here. Everyone will have the same games.

Really, even at $1.67 a month?

Nintendo always has to screw something up.

Eh… I just dunno. Maybe I would get a one-month sub to save cloud saves every now and then and play a few NES games online. I already own all the NES games, and playing those online just don’t excite me too awful much. But, yeah, at that price, it might just be worth checking out on impulse.

I have been a longtime PS Plus subscriber but that’s mainly for the free games, going all the way back to the PS3 heyday.

I think the pricing is the most important part of the announcement. Keeping it less than the price of a game, and even with family at only half the price of a game, is huge. That feels like real value to me.

I’d feel better if we got 1-2 free indie games per month instead of a dozen NES/Classic games. I love the NES but already own most of the games I care about for it.