iPad (iOS 17, USB-C) as external display with CRT shaders

Using an app called Orion.

USB-C iPad required.


Wow, cool app, had no idea iOS 17 enabled that functionality. And I’m loving the iOS 6-style approach to user interface design.

The CRT filters look like a good start. But the underlying output from the console looks too blurry. I wonder if this is because of the HDMI output/input and the iPad display’s crazy high resolution relative to 240p.

Wish I still had an iPad so I could test this in anger!

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This is very cool; have to update my devices and check it out.

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Just made some edits.

I believe it requires the latest USB-C iPads.

They did vertical scanlines on SNES though? Like it’s a game gear port or something.

Is it using composite? It looks like maybe it’s S-video? Or maybe it’s just that model of SNES.