New retro-styled 19" modular display for old and new systems

As somebody who has been flying the 20" 4:3 IPS flag for many years, this is exciting and very interesting.

Edit: see below, I’m now pretty cold about it.


Interesting. I hope it rotates too.

Obviously, a lot is going to hinge on resolution and how it scales content too.

Looking into it, seems to be a very odd resolution, 1280x1024 so actually 5:4, doesn’t rotate, no photos of scaling shown.


Needless to say, I’ve gone cool on this.

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  • $269 without an LCD panel
  • 5:4 panel would do PAL signals
  • 4:3 letterboxed on 5:4
  • fits your scaler boxes or MiSTer inside

Still no mention of built-in scaling quality.

I assume they expect people to run this at native resolution and do scaling/letterboxing before the signal gets to the panel. But you know people are doing to be running this in blurry-vision and trying to convince themselves that it looks great.

Not sure who the market is. Seems over engineered?

Probably started as something more ambitious then got scaled back due to logistics. Because, yea, 5:4 to me indicates “it wasn’t possible to get a manufacturer to source the parts we wanted”.

Panels that are genuinely 4:3 at good quality just may not be possible.

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I bet even for PAL it won’t be very good, because you won’t be able to run it at 50hz.

Apparently it does do 50Hz

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That would potentially a good fit for euro Amiga content. Assuming it does integer scaling properly. But therein lies the crux as you have already pointed out. Years of continuous development of the retrotink firmware is something that they’re up against, and I don’t see that part of the product even coming close. The panel resolution is ultimately also too low to potentially add some scanline and mask overlay that will look really good. We’re going to have to see and wait for the final product before passing judgement though.

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Agreed. It’s just too risky with too little details to even contemplate a purchase.

I assumed higher resolutions and better scaling were the future.

The thing we’re missing is new CRTs, which could still hav e some good applications.