Is the texture on the official SNES Switch Controller accurate compared with the originals?

It seems a lot more tactile and I like it. But on my OEM SNES pads, everything feels much smoother. I wonder if the plastic has just been worn down over time, or if the SNES Switch pads are indeed different.

I noticed that the SNES classic mini controller, specifically the body, was more textured than an OG SNES pad, wouldn’t be surprised if it’s the same textured plastic used in the Switch version. Looking at a teardown it’s using the same shoulder button mech as the one in the classic mini pad. My guess is that it’s the same manufacturer.

I think the texture is different. The originals were smoother.

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There were a variety of slight variations on the original pad, I’ve had dozens including some NOS. Eg among other things, some have L/R painted on, some have them embossed in. They had slight texture variations on the pad and buttons, particularly the dpad and start select. Plus the SuFami/SNES Jr pad with embossed Nintendo logo, which is another colour and texture again. On top of this, they do also wear and become smoother. Generally the oldest ones are smoothest, later more textured, and I can’t say for sure if it’s revisions or usage but seems to be both.

The SNES online ones (at least Australian ones) match a later era (but pre SuFami Jr pad) NOS-ish SuFami pad I have. It also matches the club Nintendo Wii SNES pad from ~10 years ago.


It could be that there were multiple manufacturers back in the day?

That was the case with the PS1 controllers, too. I have a bunch and they’re pretty much all different.

All made by Mitsumi I believe?

Who also made a lot of Sony’s controllers.

The texture is noticeably different between the original (Club Nintendo) Wii Super Nintendo pad and the ones that came with the classic mini. The classic mini ones are much closer to my original pads at least.