Switch controllers that aren't asscheeks

okay so which switch pro or whatever controller is it that has hd rumble or whatever? cause that was fun with blaster master and i keep seeing cheaper Zelda ones that i don’t think has that feature

help me out y’all, are there options with that and are they all too pricey

Also interested. I’ve considered a couple of additional Joy-Cons for my Switch, instead of the Pro.

Right now I use the Retro Receiver from 8bitdo (use the PS4/8BitDo/Wii U Pro controllers) and the Zelda PowerA controller (solid but lacks features/somewhat boxy shape).

didn’t know that - like uncomfortably boxy? my bar for this is the stock NES controller


I have this one. Not really that bad at all, slightly bulky compared to a XBO controller for example. Otherwise it’s really been a solid controller. Not wireless, Gyro, or HD-Rumble though.

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yeah I’m cool with wires and like the design, almost got that one but heard it had weaker rumble? if it didn’t that’d be my choice

Some of us like asscheeks.


this isn’t about donkey kongas

My major issue with the Switch controllers is how fragile the analogue sticks are in the sense that dust and debris can get under the analogue stick caps and cause drifting issues. Easily fixed thankfully but not something that should still be in the shipping product.

Otherwise I’m a fan of the Joy-Con controllers, but I’ve always liked sturdy, clicky switches and these are Nintendo’s best yet. The D-Pad is great if you use the joint of your thumb to operate it (it’s awful otherwise), which I’ve been doing since the GBC, so I guess I got lucky. One niggle is the plastics start to cause the base of your thumb to hurt after a while - I get it with shmups and I’m getting it with Umihara Kawase Fresh, which is a game that demands you change directions constantly. So yeah, I’d definitely prefer a regular D-Pad, but the flexibility in using them for local multiplayer is really appreciated.

I wonder if Nintendo will include a traditional handheld D-Pad on the handheld-focused Switch model due out this summer. You’d think that wouldn’t have detachable controllers, but the Nintendo Switch logo/emblem is totally designed around that feature…

I looked and looked, but ended up saving for an official Pro controller. Good decision.

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I hope all the old Pro Controller stock has been cleared out - still worried about picking one up and it having the unreliable gate

the what now

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I have noticed some missed button presses with my official pro controller, only in some games and specific instances

I’ve forgotten what it was that was causing the unreliable D-Pad inputs in the first runs of Pro Controllers. I think it was the plastic ‘gate’ that the D-Pad would rock around not always locking it into the correct/corresponding switch when pressed.

well shit

are there any variants out there or ways of knowing you’re getting a later model?

Can I check if I’ve got a dud? Serial number lookup?

I never bought one because of this issue, but I quickly noticed it whenever I’d use Pro Controllers at conventions which had Switch setups.

@IrishNinja Apparently they started fixing them from the Xenoblade 2 controller and onward, so there shouldn’t be much of a backlog of old stock now.

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Found this will check mine later


edit: no easy way to see the serial number?

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