is this a bad idea? (yes, drunk)

so, I’d needed a new shelf for my CRT + PlayStations(5& TV incoming!), and found a deal on this one…but didn’t see any identifying marks to help me look up a weight limit

i believe thats a Sony wega KV-32F13 there, next to my pvm & receiver. the set clocks in at 165 lbs, pvm & receiver significantly lighter but noteworthy. it’s held up by those 2 front beams & the cage seen in the rear center…can anyone ID this shelf and lemme know if this is cool? it’d feel better knowing if i should stack stuff in the back left corner so this thing doesn’t collapse through some playstations. also? fuck, CRTs are heavy

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also here it is without a bunch of crap on it

I would probably want to add additional support in the middle. It clearly looks designed for thin ‘flat’ screens given the modern width and height profile…

so middle front seems more important for support? given the CRT on the left side, i debated reinforcing the back left corner

There are hundreds of stands like that, so narrowing it down would be next to impossible… I did find this, however:

125lbs max.

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…right, okay. so reinforcing i go!

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Do you ever actually use that PVM when you have such a gloriously large CRT right next to it like that?

I knew this would be an Irishninja thread before I even clicked on it


exactly - the xrgb got boxed up (prolly selling soon) and i honestly haven’t touched the pvm in ages either, i love that set so much

also, keeping the glass shelf for HDTV, getting a small wooden table for the CRT! thanks y’all

look what i found for sale in my own complex! fits perfectly ! took that swivel right off, haha 20201113_122256|343x500

Nice! We’re going to need to see some pics in action.

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now that the classic game room is almost done being set back up i should have pics soon!
my partner says i have too many chackis about but i tell her LISTEN PAL, THEY’RE TOTEMS AND FRANKLY QBERT NEEDED HIS OWN AMIIBO

Something to always look out for when getting a CRT stand, aside from it actually being solid enough to hold it, is making sure it sits the TV at a height that works for you. I feel I’m more sensitive to a CRT being a bit too high or low since I’m sitting much closer to it.

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100%! and i sit super close so i hear you, it’s super important!