Just Cause 4 - Is this a last gen game?

I’ve been getting in to Just Cause 4 the last few days but I can’t help but think it’s a last gen game. Compared to RDR2, Tomb Raider, Neir Automata and so on, this just looks odd. It’s glitchy as hell too but the physics are great fun to mess around with.

I did noticed that the airline pilots are kamikaze pilots though.

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I think that series has reached a point where it’s self aware to a point where nobody gives a crap about anything but the sandbox. They tack on a thin story and all the bugs and wonkyness only add to the crazy factor when it comes to posting crazy gifs on reddit.

It’s a really fun game, and you can do things that are not possible in any other game. That’s why it’s still a good game. They know what the audience wants, and they deliver only that.

It’s like AC/DC’s music. They don’t want to change and mess it up.

I think you are right. The game is so crazy that it’s probably likely that the developers added more stupid stuff just to take it a step further. Just a shame the graphics engine is rather weak.