Let's play (a SNES) game for February 2018


It looks like we are playing LTTP doesnt it? @Peagles why havn’t I seen any pics of this setup?


LTTP is a fantastic game. I played it in the lead up to BotW’s release and declared it my favorite Zelda ever (at that point). I’d replay it in a heartbeat.


I finished LTTP not too long ago. Not because I wanted to but because of a bet. When the game was released, all my friends and I finished the game, but no one ever got all the 20 hearths, there was always 1/4 missing. Later years it became sort of an in-joke to us how the 20 hearts were a myth and all the screenshots were fake. This lasted for decades since no one played the game again, so I took it upon myself to finally do it.

It was all for nothing really because even though I did it, they accused me of hacking the save data just to keep the joke alive.


Rofl that sounds like something my friends would do.


Can I recommend DKC2?


How about Blackthorne?


I think we need a voting system. Why not adopt the nominate 5 games, and then vote-system we used back on the old board?


I agree, though given how many we are I’d say maybe just 3 nominations would work better.


Ok, I added a poll with the games listed in this thread so far. It’s alot of games but I guess the less popular ones wont be voted for. It’s going to show what game you voted for so make sure you vote for the same one I did or bans are coming!




SOMEONE HOLD ME BACK I’m totally in for tmnt


Voting for Buster Busts a Nut


Alright, i was going to vote for lttp, but that Buster Busts a Nut was just too tempting lol.


Lol I literally whipped though CV4 a couple of weeks ago.


What do you guys think if we created a game of the Month thread? And since we’re still a relatively small community, we can alternate consoles maybe? So once this game is picked, we can move all conversations over to its own thread.



I’m down. I only picked SNES again for this month because of the Super NT


Yeah i think this is the way to go.


Great plan.

On GAF The NES one was the big one, but then when others started you just can’t participate in one for each system!


yup im in! We can either nominate the next system then pick a game or just nominate several games and play whatever system the winning game happens to be on. I’ll give this poll till Friday then I say we get a start on it, Feb is short enough let alone starting half way through!


It’ll be much better with one game than with multiple ones like before. I enjoyed the NES play throughs we did.