Game of the Month December.

Okay guys. I failed you miserably but I don’t think super Ghouls and Ghosts is ever going to get finished. I bought it for the let’s play together and I’m fond of it but it’s way too brutal.

This month I want to nominate a short game due to the holidays. In December, I usually play through Super Mario 2 on either NES or one of the All Star versions. But since I just beat Odyssey I’m don’t want to nominate that.

Anyone got a game they’d like to play? I was considering Nominating Jak since it has a bundle coming to PS4 and it’s easy and cheap to get on PS2, Vita or PS3. But since I nominated last month’s game I’m hoping someone else has an idea.

Please nominate a game if want to try to play through a game again.

A nice short simple game like Xenoblade Chronicles 2 imo. That is something everyone can enjoy.

My yearly December game that I normally beat on Christmas eve is Portal and now I try to squeeze portal 2 in with it. Has just become a tradition but isn’t really retro. Even if it feels like it’s something so far in the past from Valuve now that they will never make games like them again.

A short game? It’s not a December/Winter/Christmas tradition, but like pizza on a bagel, anytime is the right time for Turtles in Time.

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Since it’s Christmas, what about Die Hard NES?

Really cool little game. Very hard and not a looker, but one of my favourites anyway!

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TBH I kinda second Xenoblade but TMNT IV is always a good time. I can actually do both. Maybe I can get someone to coop it with me.

Never played the NES game! I’d be into this. Last year, I played a bunch of the PCE game, which I loved, and Die Hard Arcade on Saturn, also a super fun time.

This is the one I wish I had.

Christmas Nights?

I also have a copy of Die Hard (Dynamite Deka) coming on Saturn, so I’m into both :stuck_out_tongue:

Never tried Die Hard on the NES; will have to check that out.

I have the Japanese release, Dynamite Deka. I would grab that: way cheaper, and the game plays in English when using the Action Replay (at least on a North American Saturn)

I always bust out Die Hard Trilogy on PSX.

I used to love Die Hard Trilogy.

How about we play whatever Die Hard game we feel like? In honor of John mcClane saving Christmas over and over again.

I second it.

How about Sunset Riders?

“Bury me with my money”. Always looking for an excuse to replay Sunset Riders.

TMNT IV would be nice. Christmas Nights should be mandatory just because.