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Actually, I played a bit of Contra 3 recently and really liked it. Fantastic game. It’s not going to dethrone Metal Slug games for me, but I have to admit it’s got some seriously good gameplay.


And so it begins… The biggest difference I find is how every Contra game feels different from the last. Maybe it’s because I’ve only played bits and pieces of different Metal Slug games, and only ever completed X and 3, but the whole series seems so similar to me. Whereas with the Contra games, they all have their unique quirks, different “Secondary stages” and weapons loadouts.


Metal Slug games definitely have a lot in common with each other. But each new installment adds new weapons, vehicles and enemies.

Leading up to 3, each installment felt more ambitious, cartoony, and wackier than what came before it. Which is part of the appeal for me. And the set piece action is simply more impressive in Metal Slug than Contra overall.

And the animation/bosses are also on another level I. My humble opinion. I mean, just look at this:

And this:

The bizarre chibi-style and attention to detail just elevated the series so much.


The artwork and attention to detail is OUTSTANDING, yet the games never clicked with me for some reason. I WANT to enjoy them but never really can.


They have a very unique take on movement. It’s 30fps with dips which probably bothers some people too.


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