Hi all,

The mods and I have reviewed this topic a few times since the logo contest started back when we launched the site. And we are finally ready to commit to a single design and announce the winner. So here it goes.

New002 won the logo contest with this design.

Dark theme (banner):


Dark theme (icon):


Light theme (banner):


Light theme (icon):


Why did this win? I think it’s because it’s simple, it’s iconic, and it strips away all extraneous design elements to convey exactly what we wanted to convey. It’s perfectly minimalist while retaining its originality. And quite frankly, it’s cool.

We will be retiring the old temp logo made in Mario Paint in the coming days and replacing it with the above. Please join me in congratulating New002 for winning the contest. And thank you all who submitted competing designs. It was not easy to arrive at this decision because so many of them were excellent. We have some serious talent on this site. I personally want to thank you all for your contributions. I sincerely appreciate them.

Great job everyone and congrats again to New002.


P.S. In case you want to see the light theme logo in dark theme or vice versa:


Updated blue color png:

logo favicon

New Revisions 12/24/17 Logos



Desktop icon:



Wait… RGB stands for Retro Game Boards?

The lack of boars is disgraceful.

Congrats on the winner, that’s a great logo!

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We will bust out the boar at some point. I’m sure of it :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

Congrats New002! I like it!

Congrats! That logo looks super clean!

Thanks all! I’m just happy I could contribute and help support the site and this great community!


Congrats!!! Clean simple to the point.

looks great!

That’s pretty neat. Congrats!

Congrats New002!

Looking forward to seeing the new logo soon :slight_smile:

Looks great!

Good choice on the new logo!

Looks great. Congrats!

Good stuff!!

Looking good! Congrats dude. :+1:

Nice logo! Excellent choice.

Only thing I would say is that the blue shape is not very visible on the dark theme.

Also, how do I set light theme?

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Light theme has been, unfortunately, temporarily disabled due to a bug I’m encountering on the back end. I will re-enable it after working out the kinks.

I apologize for the inconvenience.


Here’s an example of the blue kind of disappearing

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I’ll update the Xbox club with the new logo!