Seeking your advice on selling price for a BVM

Hi all. I have TWO 19-inch JVC BVMs that I’d like to sell. I’m seeking your thoughts on a selling price for local buyers. I’m not gonna ship this thing (though I might drive a couple of hours to meet someone if they’re driving from far away). I’ll probably try FB marketplace first. That is, unless someone here or on Resetera who lives in the region might bite. I’m in southern Missouri.

Model number BM-H1900SU. Inputs are: 2 composite, 1 s-video, 1 RGB. Manufactured in 1996. I’m thinking around $275. Thoughts? … Can’t find any similar sold items on eBay.

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Man! Really wish I was in your neck of the woods. I’d buy one for that price in a heartbeat. How many TVL are these?

I agree with @Danexmurder. I’d buy it pretty quickly at that price. It’s 750 TVL according to JVC’s website. Also does 16:9 and (obviously) 4:3.

I guess it depends if you need the money or if you’re looking to get the most. $400 would be about the lowest I would start at, and even then I think it’s low. There is an insatiable demand for these by a select few. Those few are willing to pay though.

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Thanks. I was thinking it’s really worth $400, so that helps to know this aligns with what others think. But I’m wondering if I can actually find someone here who actually knows the value. I should probably find a way to post it regionally - CL for other cities like KC or St Louis, for example. Hate dealing with CL users, though…

You can search ebay for sold items. Here are the 20" PVM’s sold within 1,000 miles of 65619 zip. I didn’t see any BVM’s close by so these prices, outside the PVM-20L5’s, would be less than I’d think yours would go for. A 20L2 went for $810 (+$107 S&H) with 25 bids! :eyes: Two 20M2U’s for $451 and $449.

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I don’t know about other areas, but around me even though the JVC sets sell for a lot, the PVMs and BVMs go for a premium.

Also seeing the prices now only makes me madder that I didn’t get more of them when they were affordable. One of those regrets I’m going to have to live with.

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Thanks that is helpful. I did a sold search but it was only for that specific model. This is nice to see!!

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Follow up for you folks - would this set by considered a BVM or PVM? I can never keep those straight.

Maybe I’m just out of date in what terminology people use but I would say neither. PVM and BVM are model names of different series of Sony sets, not a standardized name for a level of monitor. Much like the model number of that is a JVC “BH-H1900SU” a Sony set would be a Sony “PVM-20M4U” or “BVM-20F1U” or any other number of sets in those series.

I honestly don’t know what that JVC is the equivalent of because I don’t know much about the different lines of JVC monitors, so that may be a better question.

OK, makes sense now. I’m just listing it as a JVC professional CRT monitor. Good enough.

Gonna ask $475 and see.

Wish I could help you more but just not familiar with the JVC line. For all I know that could be one of the super desirable ones. Know in my area any of these old professional monitors go for a fuck ton now so hope it works out for you.

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Just sold for $425. Buyer was a super nice guy and very retro-knowledgable. Saved from the recycling scrap heap and off to a good home!! I have an identical one that I’ll sell next and think I’ll try eBay with local pickup only to cast a wider net.