Metal Slug 6: First Atomiswave Arcade Native Port to Dreamcast

So as some of you may know, I’m a bit of a Metal Slug fan. I have not tried this yet, but apparently, someone released a “native” port of the game on Dreamcast.

The game originally came out on Atomiswave and I believe one or two users here have the original game setup with a supergun. Until today, that was the only way to play the game at native 480p output on original hardware.

The Atomiswave, however, much like the Naomi before it, was based on Dreamcast hardware. This leads me to believe that this port could be near arcade-perfect.

The only home release of this game that I know of is on the Anthology collection on PSP, PS2, and Wii. None of these versions is arcade perfect. The psp version has sound issues, the PS2 versions 480i only and the Wii version lacks boss damage flashes (as far as I know) and likely also runs at 480i.

Has anyone tried the Dreamcast fan-port? How is it?

I believe @bodine1231 has tried it. Really cool to see this and I hope Dolphin Blue gets a port next (actually bring it all over).

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Yep sure did. Works great on gdemu clone. It really needs a 240p patch. Metal Slug was made for scanlines.


Perhaps, but this game does have 480p native backgrounds along with 240p sprites. It’s a mishmash of resolutions.

240p output would probably be cleaner, but you could also add a scan line generator to clean things up too.

This is really exciting - I’m hoping this port is the first of many.

Kof 11, Neo Geo: Battle Coliseum and Samurai Shodown VI have now been ported.

This channel has CRT footage of them running on DC:

I saw a comment of the Dreamcast talk forums by the guy porting these that Dolphin Blue is possible. I guess everything is coming over?

I think some of these have widescreen cheat codes too which is cool but one blemish KoF11 and BC have is the sprite filtering, hoping a code to remove that is found.