Metal Slug XX PS4/PS5 - Questions

I saw this is currently on sale for $3.99 on PSN, it’s normally $19.99 which is pretty steep. It’s Metal Slug X with ‘redrawn pixel graphics,’ 4K support and an extra fighter, also has scanline options. How is this version overall vs. the Arcade Archives port as far as accuracy aside from the extra bells and whistles? I’ve been thinking of getting it on ACA but since that’s the standard ACA $7.99 price this seems like a steal, any info is appreciated.

XX is based on 7, which was originally a DS game, so there is no ACA version.

X is based on 2 (there are ACA versions of both).

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Ah ok, thanks for the clarification, the title of the game totally threw me off so I just assumed it was a version of X, had no idea it was actually MS 7. ACA port of X it is then.