What is the native resolution of Metal Slug 6?

I can’t find definitive info on this. Is it 240p? 480i? 480p? Something else altogether? I thought it was 480p but that seems kind of weird to me that they’d use the same sprites at double the resolution in a sequel like this.

Right now, I only have access to the PS2 anthology version which is 480i. It looks good enough… but I’m interested to know how it’s really supposed to look. I remember Atomiswave does have a 480p output option… but my question is: is that considered native for Metal Slug 6?

All the Atomiswave games are natively 480p with an option to display in a lower resolution for sd only cabs. The background art is a dead giveaway that the game is not 240p native, too much detail. Using the same sprites isnt that odd imho, they still look great and i imagine it would have cost too mich to redo everything.

Thanks for the confirmation.

Is it like Capcom vs SnK2? Some of those sprites look so weird with the backgrounds.

Still a cool game. I’ve never played MS6. I think I have the Wii collection but I think it’s all 480i too.

Did Capcom vs SNK 2 ever have a 240p mode?

I can usually tell the sprites scale unevenly when I play 480p, even when trying it out with an slg, so I wouldn’t know if this would impact MS6 as well.

@Kawika yep, other games of the era like marvel vs capcom 2, capcom vs snk, neogeo battle coliseum, samurai showdown 6 and kof neowave did this too.

MVC2 is 480p? I did not know that.

What a weird decision.

Most of the times I’ve seen it in arcades it was in 480i and the judder always bugged me to no end. You can do that or 480p at home depending on your setup, but I think Naomi had that option as well.

Interesting. I’ve never seen it out in the wild before. Good to know.

480i means that the Naomi was going through a JVS to JAMMA I/O. I was lucky that Naomi cabs were common as muck in the arcades I went to in England so everything was 480p on their 31khz only monitors, I don’t think I ever saw the hardware in a cab wired for JAMMA.

Translation? Does this mean it’s an older cab repurposed for Atomiswave or Naomi?

no repurposing is necessary as the i/o converter sits between the jvs game hardware and the jamma wiring of the older cab. the vga video, usb controls, audio and power etc go in one end which is converted to the jamma spec going out via the familliar edge connector.