Modding S-Video into a Dynex dx-r20tr CRT

Hi folks, I have a post 2006 Dynex CRT that shares a motherboard with different models that included S-Video. This model does not come equipped with the jack but as far as I know the circuitry is all present for it. My question is what passive components am I missing? Behind the Y C in there are 3 spots for either jumpers or resistors and I can not find any information about populating this section. I will make the assumption that any similar Dynex from the year will share the same set up.

So why do I care about this low grade CRT enough to make an account and post here? Check this out: its NTSC/PAL multi-standard. I had NO IDEA consumer sets built for the American market supported this. I have owned a lot of sets in my time and this is truly a first for me. I’d like to retire my Phillips security monitor CRT, but in order to do that I need this set to have S-Video so I can run my PAL Commodore 64.

Any help would be greatly appreciated. If anyone has a late model Dynex with S-Video, sending a photo of the Y/C section would probably suffice. Thanks everyone!


You can find the service manual with schematics at this link:

If you sniff around this area enough I’m sure you can figure out what you need to do :wink: