NEC PC Engine/Turbografx |OT| – No friends to bring controllers? No problem!


Yep I’ve wanted the Famicom version for a long time. I actually have a SNES one that is slightly beat up but was had for a pretty good price via eBay from Japan.

I would love to get a PCE and a Turbo Everdrive. I am really not too interested in getting more platforms beyond what I have now but this would be nice…


Thanks for the recommendation! I’ve had my eye on that one for a while. I have a TurboStick for my TG16 but I imagine the XE-1 is better. I might grab an Avenue 6 as a replacement controller.


So much goodness…


I’m a big fan of this stick, plus it works on Genesis and SNES, too.

The Hori Fighting Commander PC is great for a regular pad.


I should really get some more PCE pads, I literally have just the one that came with the system.


Not a fan of that OEM pad, myself.


Hori fighting commander is the best pad. Fits the color scheme as well.


I see you’ve equipped yours with those serial extension cables, too. Quite the patrician!


Well, I like to sit a bit further from the PVM/console than the standard cable length allows…


Me too, I do the same thing. The default cable length is stupid short.


I was always bothered how the system tried to sell so many things separately that should have been included: extension cable, Turbo Booster, Turbo Tap needed even for two players.


Two player is a legitimate complaint for some players, but short controller cord length and RF out only on the first model feature matched the market leading Famicom, and one upped it by allowing a longer cord controllers and an adapter for composite and even RGB via the multi-port, not to mention other upgrades like CD.


True, but I was comparing it with the Genesis which came out around the same time in NA, and the cord size of previous domestic systems. They could have improved it more for the Western version.


Mega Drive was a year later and had short cords too, and apart from the difficult to utilise RGB out (very rare for monitors to have JP21 at that time) it had very bad composite.

Though regarding the US release, nothing about that was well done. Worst localisation of a console of all time for sure.


Yep, NEC really fucked up. I had hoped when they formed T.T.I. that things would improve but by then it was too late. And those Johnny Turbo ads that virtually no one saw were the dumbest things ever. I’m still thankful my region got the system at all, though.


Good platformer suggestions? Besides Bonk and Jackie Chan I mean.


Try Aoi Blink. It was developed by Westone and isn’t overly expensive.

I also really like the Shockman/Shubibinman series. Especially the third game in the series.


It’s not really the system for ‘pure’ platformers like Mario/Bonk really, it’s very much platformers that feature violence, more like Castlevania haha. Legendary Axe, Renny Blaster, um I’ll think of some more…


Using the original definition of platformer and the not the ‘narrowed down to just cute stuff’ definition common today:

On card - Legendary Axe 1 and 2, Don Doko Don, Liquid Kids, New Adventure Island, Son Son II

On CD - Dracula X, Shubibinman 3, Valis III and IV, Fausseté Amour, Monster Lair (part shooter, part platformer)


I bought a TurboGrafx on eBay in the late 90’s, but only had about 4 or 5 games before it broke. I got rid of the system, but now wish I kept it and tried to fix it. I just ordered a Core Grafx system and an ever drive to try and dig into it now. I have a modest retro set up with a 14” Toshiba crt circa 2004 with component input.

Over the past few years I’ve become more adventurous with tinkering with electronics. I ordered a cap kit and if that goes well I may mod it to try and get a component output. I’d imagine I’d have to go scart to component?

I’ve also done cap kits on my NES and an arcade monitor (I have a few arcade cabinets too). The NES looks great even with composite on my crt compared to how it looked pre cap kit.

This is a cool thread. I’m eager to get more into the PC Engine.