NEC PC Engine/Turbografx |OT| – No friends to bring controllers? No problem!


Yeah I’ve got both legendary axe, Monster Lair, Dracula X of course. Never heard of Renny Blaster or Aoi Blink, so I’ll look into those. I also know I want new adventure island from awhile back.


Everyone seem to gravitate towards getting PC Engines but is the TG16 a worth while pickup? I saw one today for about $99.


It depends on the price you find the games for or if you find a region adapter cheap. Almost always it’s cheaper to buy the PC Engine versions, and most of the card games that are on both aren’t text heavy. Plus there’s a larger selection of PC Engine games. Before buying games on the internet, it made sense to go the TG16 route if you didn’t have easy access to imports but now I don’t see much reason unless you get a really good deal.


I would recommend the Core Grafx for a starter system. You can use the Sega Genesis 1 power supply and AV cables with it to cut down on the cost. Just ask Lord Karnage:


I didn’t know if there was an easy region mod.

Good to know. I take it none of the NEC machines pump out native rgb? Do they at least output S-Video. I don’t know if I want to be in the hole a bunch money if i get this and the Turbo ED, RGB Mod and cables. I figure, if i don’t like it, it would be easy enough to sell, if I do then I would only would have to worry about RGB modding and cables to get it in my setup.


To my knowledge none of the models output native RGB nor S-Video. You would either need an a DB Grafx Booster ( or a RGB mod ( You can also check out the information from RetroRGB:

You can always buy the TG16 and then use the DB Grafx booster for a quick RGB fix but it may not be the most cost effective. Renee from DB electronics is working on or just completed a region converter for the TG16/PCE.

I had my Duo’s caps replaced and RGB modded from

He may also have systems for sale.

Good luck on whatever you choose and happy gaming!


Here’s some quick pictures I had originally sent to Bob of the mod work from TurboGrafxfan (ebay) as well as a quick picture of it running via a SCART to Component converter to a 20" Trinitron. The wire at the front is to repair a bad trace.


Region mod basics (applies only to HuCards, CDs are not region coded).

  1. Turbografx systems can play import HuCards if you have a pin adapter. No need to modify your hardware. The bad thing is they are like $100-$200 these days. See attached.
  2. PC Engine (plus Core, plus Duo, etc) can play North American HuCards if they have the pin adapter AND a simple internal mod (ground one pin on one surface mount chip).
  3. There are mod services that make a switch to flip the pins inside, so you don’t have to use an external pin adapter.
  4. Get a Turbo Everdrive and you don’t need to do any of this, you’ll be able to play all HuCard images from all regions.



PC Engine expansion that allows loading of CD & HuCard images:


Impressive. :sunglasses:


This sounds like it could fix all my issues. I can just get a Core Graphyx and that and not worry about buying a Duo which may or may not have a failing Disc drive.

Edit. Super Grafx looks like a waste for 7 games.


That looks amazing if it works as advertised.


Game changer.

As Marina would say, it literally changes the games!


I defintely plan on getting this, mainly because the CD drive is always the first thing to go in retro systems. Will most likely order it along with a Core Grafx system after Christmas.

I’ll be sure to do a full review for RGB when I receive it!


It’s definitely a good value. CD-ROM expansion with new capacitors + Everdrive + RGB mod or add-on + Arcade Card is more than $300, and this should be more reliable than even a recapped CD-ROM expansion.


Unless you really like Daimakaimura, yeah it’s a total waste.


Alright, so I purchased the Super SD System 3. Now to get a PC Engine… I know everyone’s curious as to how good the system is, so I’ll keep you all in the loop.


The fuck?? Did this just come out? That’s insane and easily trounces the Turbo Everdrive.

Welp, I’m getting this eventually, along with an RGB-modded PCE or CoreGrafx. I had an annoying time with music just stopping in the last section of Ys. The disc is in great shape so not sure if its the game or my Duo’s laser. Kind of ruined the experience playing in silence. Actually now that I remember, the same thing happened occasionally in Fausette Amour…


Apparently this thing also provides RGB out, no mod needed. At least, that’s how I understand it.


Yep. I have said for a while I have all consoles I’d really want but if I can get this device and a Core Grafx, that sounds … interesting to say the least.