NEC PC Engine/Turbografx |OT| – No friends to bring controllers? No problem!


If it’s temperamental, sounds like a pinched or loose chroma wire on the s-video.


I just sent him a detailed message on Facebook, will see what he says. Another thing that worries me which I also want him to look at is there have been about three cases where the system has frozen and made a loud buzzing noise a few minutes after booting up a Hucard. Hopefully it’s just a weird anomaly caused by whatever the video mod wire/issue is.


So Keith Courage responded, he says based on what I described the cord on the s-video mod may have shorted out. I’ll be sending it back to him this week to have it looked at and he is also going to check the Hucard pin connector just in case there is an unrelated issue which may have caused the system to freeze up on a few occasions.


I posted this is in the Discord, also posting here. So I figured out the black and white color loss problem on my Duo. I started realizing how the black and white issue seemed to happen whenever I changed the Hucard region to Japan…

I was hitting a smaller mod button Keith Courage installed behind the AV port (the smaller switch is for composite sync vs true c-sync for RGB which I was unaware of) on multiple occasions and switching it “off” or to the “minus” position which is the same position which the larger region mod button needs to be in for playing Japanese Hucards. So fortunately all is well, just a very silly user error on my part and I can finally go back to happily playing my TG-16 and PCE games.


Glad it was nothing serious.

I finally got in the replacement middle gear for my CD-ROM2 briefcase unit I got. An hour of fiddling with tweezers later, it’s on and re-assembled. I turn it on, get the bios screen, CD lens whirs into position and

“Please set disc” error pops up.

It could be a dirty lens, a ribbon cable I reattached wrong, or the capacitors could be busted. Either way, I’m back to just using the coregrafx again until I can fix the new issue. My avatar feels appropriate right now. -_-


Bummer, being without one’s Turbo games is no fun. Hope you get it fixed soon.


I’ve never had a PC engine CD before(This is a busted unit I’m fixing up to save money, but I thought the gear was all it needed), so it’s not like I know what I’m missing yet, but I’m not totally without. The attached coregrafx works great still, so more valkyrie no densetsu for now.


2 steps forward, 1 step back. Was able to figure out the issue with my PC engine cd briefcase unit, so it works now, but apparently this model has trouble/can’t read cd-r’s, so burning a copy of Rondo of Blood to play with friends is not possible currently. Any advice on how to get one working or should I trade my briefcase for a duo(which apparently doesn’t have this issue)?


My current TG-16/PCE rotating playlist:


Isn’t there both Hucard and CD versions of some of the Bonk games? Any major differences?


Bonk 1&2 are both on the Gate of Thunder disc (direct ports/dumps of the Hucard roms, no differences) as that was one of the bundled software packs which come with the Turbo Duo (the GoT disc also has Bomberman hidden in the disc which unlockable with a simple code). Only Bonk game that has a “special” Super CD version is Bonk 3 and I never had any interest getting it back in the day as all it added was an arranged CD audio soundtrack and a few bland multiplayer mini games (Bonk “volleyball”). I kind of wish I’d picked it up now as it’s now in the $1,300-1,500 range (about same goingnpruce as Dynastic Hero) but other than inflated value there’s not much point having it if you own the Hucard.


I put in my Tennokoe Bank in my new Duo R and it seems like the battery is dead. :frowning: After some searching, I did run across this guy, and some searching seems like he’s reputable. Well, he also seems like literally the only person in the world offering a refurbishment service for these things. Just wondering if anybody had any experience with him, although I’m probably just going to do it anyway since I have very little to lose.

Also, regarding the Super SD System, does anybody have it yet? I was really surprised at how expensive it is. Too expensive to just dive in on it without hearing some impressions first.


Has anyone ever done a jailbar fix on the regular PCE or Coregrafx units? I’m thinking about doing it if I splurge on the SSDS3, but I’m not sure I trust myself, even if it is only replacing two capacitors.


Mine shipped a couple weeks ago, so it should be arriving in Canada any day. I’ll be posting a full review on the boards once I put it through its paces: I’m very unfamiliar with PCE hardware though, so I may not pick up on everything.


It’s better than the Nintendo.


The crowd’s reaction was appropriate


That’s gold


@AgentUnknown. I used to dislike the audio in Bomberman '94 because it felt such a step down compared to the greatness of '93 but lately I started enjoying it a lot more than ever.


Yes! I really dig Bomberman 94’s soundtrack, it’s a good mix of ambient and lively. The “area 03” track you posted above is probably my favorite music in the game.


anyone want to try for the high score of Gradius pce ?

Been going at it these last few days. 2nd loop stage 8

trying to complete this on 1 life including finding bonus stages and have it captured for youtube… >>. But sometimes I lose the odd distraction …<<